What Is Your Game of Thrones House?

What is Your House in ASoIaF

The Song of Ice Fire is one of the greatest book series of the 21st century. Though the fans are still waiting for the grand finale of the story, it’s already captured the attention of millions of people. The series had its fanbase since the 1990s but the TV adaptation brought it unprecedented popularity. 

Game of Thrones quizzes have gained popularity after the HBO adaptation as well. Now, people are eager to test their knowledge of the show and the whole universe. And there’s lots to learn about the works of George Martin. 

The author has created a universe with such details that may rival real life. It has its own laws, rules, history, culture, etc. Such attention to detail resulted in the highest praise from the fans and critics. 

As with many wholesome works, ASoIaF has left the limits of its author and became a place of its own. The fandom has managed to uncover the biggest secrets of the books and plot their own twists. The number of mind-blowing theories is impressive. If you are seeking to escape the boring reality, here’s a whole other world for you to join. 

In this A Song of Ice and Fire quiz, you have an opportunity to join one of the ruling Houses of Westeros. Where do you belong? Or what House would you choose yourself? That is a complicated question for any devoted ASoIaF fan. For we all know how dangerous and unfair life is on “Planetos.”

Westeros Houses 

The variety of Houses in Westeros goes beyond the antagonists of the War of The Five Kings. 

We've seen many and heard many other families mentioned in the TV show, but I cannot grasp the full extent of the Westeros popular until you read the books. Though the exact numbers of neither the general population nor the noble houses on the continent are provided, the author mentions a variety of vassal houses and even a few extinct ones. 

It is hard to cover all the interesting characters and families of the land in a short TV show. Game of Thrones has omitted many great details concerning the lore of the universe. 

In this Game of Thrones quiz, we've gathered some of the most influential or interesting families of the realm so you could easily “audition” to become its member. 

But how deep is your knowledge of the Song of Ice and Fire universe? Do you know the main traits and ambitions of the Great Houses? How about the lesser noble families, each of which plays its role in the events of the books and show? 

Try to imagine that you are transported into the world of G.R.R. Martin's creation. Would you like to be a part of the King’s Landing intrigues or fight White Walkers in the North? Would you choose a quiet life in the Reach or be amidst the power-hungry Targaryens? 

There are many possibilities when it comes to the Seven Kingdoms, but let your character decide for you. Answer our questions truthfully and learn what family suits you the most. 

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