Is Your Dog the Boss of You?

Every dog is precious to its owners. It’s a part of the family! In some cases, it is so important that even becomes the favorite member. While trying to show our love to these cute animals, we often go overboard and disturb the owner-pet balance. We buy them the best toys, houses, and clothes that are even more expensive than your own. Pet grooming has become so widespread that dog hairstyles now have their own trends. 

But stop for a second and take a look at your dynamics. Is it still your pet or, actually, the BOSS of you? What? how is that possible? you may wonder. This pet quiz will show you exactly how it can go astray.

Have you noticed that your dog is not so good-behaved lately? Does your gentle puppy transform into an aggressive nightmare when you restrict it in anything? Does your life revolve around it? If you’ve answered “yes” to at least two of these, you are in the right place. And while you love your Fluffy immensely, proper dynamics in the house lead to a peaceful and happy life for humans and animals alike. You may be surprised, but your dog needs way less to be happy than you think and probably do. 

Your dog has a unique character than only makes you love it more. But knowing the limit is essential. We’ve all heard of dominant dogs, is yours the case? The only sure way to find out is to check this dog quiz for the final results. 

Does your dog lead the life of luxury and overindulgence? Is it time for more training? Or are you a good “parent” whose exemplary relation with their dog will make jealous? Answer these dog questions to learn your true relationship with your pet!

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Does your dog have more outfits than you?

dog outfits

Do you plan your weekend around the dog? (long walks, shopping for treats, etc.)

Is your dog possessive over toys?

dog toys quiz

Have you ever felt "Cujo" vibes?

angry dog

How about a place on the couch?

dog quiz

Do you often have staring contests with your dog?

staring dog

Do you throw and have to fetch yourself on occasions?

play fetch

Who leads the way on your walks?

dog walks

Does your dog pull on the leash?

What is your rewards policy?

dog treats

What about table scraps?

table scraps

Is Your Dog the Boss of You?
You are the Boss

dog training

You are the alpha animal in your house and the dog knows it. Bravo! You’ve achieved amazing training levels and know how to control your dog. It’s the member of your pack, not the other way around. Just remember, under your dominance, the pet has to feel safe and know that you love it.
Dog is the Boss

bossy dog

Well, it seems that your fav doggie has you wrapped around its tiny claws. Whether you excessively pamper it or fail to show your dominance, your dog is the boss in the house. They are smart animals and easily read your emotions to determine the general mood. It’s time to show your Darling that they are not in the lead. Avoid punishing your dog if they been very aggressive, consult a specialist.
Harmony in the pack

love your dog

Your relationship with the fav pet is built on proper training and mutual love. It is a gentle dog that behaves the best way possible, but as all of us has its own character. Yes, it is moody sometimes and hows its opinions, but never shows aggression and disrespect. And for this, you love it even more, right?

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