Can You Pair These K-Pop Groups with Their Songs?

In recent years, Kpop has become an international phenomenon that unites people across the world with its catching tunes and energetic dances. If you know such celebrities as Blackpink Jennie or Jungkook from BTS, you know exactly why Korean music is so popular right now and is a fan yourself!

For more than a decade, the Korean music scene has been developing and gathering fans. The most noticeable groups have found their stans in other countries. At first, the international club of Kpop was small and consisted of the “chosen few” who were interested in Korean culture in some way. 

Today, the music scene of the country is viewed by millions of fans from the furthest corners of the world. If you are here, you’ve heard Kpop songs at least a couple of times yourself, right? If not on your own volition, then showed by a friend or two. 

The Kpop world is huge and encompasses dozens and if not hundreds of groups and single projects of various genres and scale. The competition on the market is so tough that only a few can shine for the foreign public. The most successful groups are conquering Hollywood and American music awards right now. 

How Well Do You Know the World of Kpop?

This Kpop idol quiz contains only the best of the best Korean artists remaining at the top of charts not only in the country but internationally as well. We appreciate the whole range of Kpop artists but have chosen the leaders to test your own knowledge of Kpop groups and their songs? Are you a true fan? Or are you only at the beginning of your stan career? We hope you can guess most of the songs! If not, you’ll have a new playlist ready for you to catch up to the music that spreads the world with the speed of light. 

This is not your regular BTS quiz, here are several of the most popular Kpop groups with their hits. Or not? Whose song is that? Let’s check how well you know your Kpop playlist.

P.S. Who’s your bias? We bet you have more than one. Let us know in the comments below!

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k-pop quiz YMC Entertainment
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JYP Entertainment Corporation
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K-pop quiz
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JYP Entertainment Corp.
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Weki Meki

k-pop quiz Fantagio Corp.
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k-pop quiz SM Entertainment Co., Ltd.
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k-pop quiz JYP Entertainment Corporation
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Red Velvet

K-pop quiz SM Entertainment Co., Ltd.
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k-pop quiz SM Entertainment Co., Ltd.
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Super Junior

SM Entertainment Co., Ltd.
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k-pop quiz
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Can You Pair These K-Pop Groups with Their Songs?
You have only heard about K-pop

You are not a big fan of K-pop. You may have heard a few songs with your friends or even have a couple random ones on your phone, but you are not generally interested in the big market of Korean music. However, if you are interested in diving a bit deeper in this world, you now know exactly the right groups to start with.
Your love for K-pop is only awakening

kpop quiz

You are only at the beginning of your journey into the world of K-pop but already a big fan. You know the most popular groups and their best songs. It’s a good start. You are mainly a casual listener with a couple of biases here and there. It’s great that you know the majority of the titles, but there’s always room for growth. Many many of those have you not recognized? They are still good songs, you just haven't heard them. Give them a try and come back to show off your Kpop skills.
A true fan at heart

The stanniest stan of them all. You live and breathe Kpop and spend hours a day watching hilarious Korean shows with your favorite idols, right? You know ’em all and more. You probably have all these songs in your playlist and are not easily tricked when it comes to your Kpop knowledge. Great result; you are a master! Share with us, what was the group that brought you into the shiny world of idols?

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