What Animal Suits You the Most

A pet can easily become the best friend and the whole world for you. This is a loyal companion that will not abandon you in times of need and will support every decision. If you don’t have such a companion yet but would love to, take your time when choosing an animal that will share your living space and every day of the foreseeable future.

Choosing a pet is an important task. “You become responsible for what you have tamed.” This is a responsibility, not just for fun. You have to understand what you are ready to give it and to what extent.

Domesticated Animals

This pet quiz will show you what animal is the most suitable for you depending on your abilities and willingness to share and take care. There are many animals that you can find in human homes. Some are more exotic than the others. In rare cases, people keep wild animals at home in hopes to become their friends. However, we have chosen more standard animals domesticated a long time ago to offer you a safe pet that will be comfortable living in “captivity.”

There are several types of animals people tend to keep at home. They can be big and small, loud and quiet, carnivores and vegetarians. And they all require various levels of responsibility and an owner’s involvement. Cats, for example, are quite independent but also love human presence when they want it. Dogs are more sociable and outgoing. And there are dozens of animals in-between and beyond. And this animal quiz will help to choose your future friend.

To each their own.

These are the general recommendations on the type of animals you are most suitable to take care of. Choosing a suitable breed is up to you and your tastes alone. We’d like to hear what animals you love the most and whether you’d like to take one home from a shelter. There should be no abandoned animals if people are willing to have a pet at home.

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How much time are you willing to spend with your pet?

time with pets

Furry or scaly?

animals test

How often are you away from home for more than 3 days?

Have you ever trained a pet?

dog quiz

Do you have fur allergy?

pet cat

Are you willing to wake up early?

animal quiz

Small or big?

animals quiz

How about animal sounds?

Do you consider yourself a strong leader?

choose a pet

Have you ever had a pet?

pet quiz

How much room do you have for the pet?

Do you live alone?

How much money are you willing to spend on a pet per month?

pet expenses

Have active are you?

animal quiz

Would you take a pet from a shelter?

pet shelter

What about your preferences?

your pet

Would you agree to have an active "trotter" at home?

pet dogs

How about sleeping with your pet?

cute pets

Pet Quiz

pet quiz

You are ready for the responsibility of taking care of a small furry friend. Or not, they can be big as well. Playing with your pet is not a problem, but you prefer some peaceful time for yourself as well. Besides, what can be better than cuddling with a purring cat?

pet quiz

You are certainly a dog person. You are active, love outside activities, and will be able to take care of a dog like no one else. No matter what breed you choose, they are going to be your best friend and loyal companion for a long time.
A Bird

We’ll gladly offer you to take some kind of bird to your home. Of course, not a wild one, but people nowadays have domesticated other birds than parrots if you seek diversity. They are not noisy and active as cats or dogs, but will gladly interact with you and talk and sing for you.
A reptile

pets quiz

If the regular house animals are too ordinary for you, a reptile would be a perfect choice. We don’t suggest snakes as they are too extreme for many people, but a cute gecko or a chameleon are all the trend right now. They are easy in maintenance if you are not afraid to feed insects to them.
A hamster

pet test

A hamster is the easiest animal to have at home. They require little space, basic foods, and are cheap to buy and take care of. Hamsters are the perfect first pet. If you want to level up a bit, other rodents like rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas are also suitable for you.

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