What Lockdown Character Are You?

2020 is a year of new challenges. Who would’ve thought that our New Year’s resolutions and plans for the upcoming year would be ruined by a virus? This year offers us a unique opportunity to dive deeper into ourselves and take a look at the hectic life we lead. As a bright side, staying at home brings us closer to the family. We can finally spend quality time with kids and spouses. So, let’s focus on the positive side while all the media covers only the pessimistic statistics and horrifying news!

This quarantine quiz is meant to uncover your true personality and how you deal with problems in hard times. For staying at home at all times is no birthday party. While our lives resemble a Hollywood “deadly virus outbreak” movie, for most people, the biggest crisis comes with the worldwide lockdown that keeps us home 24/7. A few people are truly prepared to keep to their few rooms without an opportunity to meet friends (or visit a shop in some countries.) And while we all know the rules of Covid-19 protection, what do we do with the lockdown regime? 

People cope with it in various ways, some easier than the others. Some remain cool and collected while others suffocate in grave need to freedom. Which category befits you the most? There is plenty of space in-between for you to find the right spot. You may be a calm introvert who spends most of their time indoors anyway. Or a modern beauty guru with all the necessary equipment to try new looks while at home. 

A quarantine character quiz will reveal your lockdown habits and line of behavior that may elude even you. Can you already predict your quiz result? You may have noticed a change in behavior already. Who are you truly during this quarantine time? A blessed introvert, remote work prisoner, or somebody else? Let’s find out. 

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Choose your outfit for the day

home outfit

How long are your working hours?

work hours

What do you do first in the morning?


Netflix binge?

netflix binge

When was the last time you made a bed?

lazy bed

At what time do you wake up these days?

wake up time

How do you spend your free time?

home fun

Are you home alone?

home alone lockdown

Your overall quarantine mood?

quarantine mood

While speaking to somebody via video call, you...

video call

Lockdown Personality
A true introvert comfortable at home


Congratulations! You are fit for a 24/7 lockdown almost perfectly, if only the circumstances were joyous. You are a pro when it comes to burying in bed and maintaining peace of mind during crises.
Stressed parent with a twitching eye

You are probably at home with a bunch of kids and neverending noise. Your nerves are being tested every day and you feel like losing just to have a calm minute for yourself. Stay strong!
Dr. Couch Potato

lazy at home

Equipped with a gamepad or remote, you are the master of lazing around. Messy hair, old shirts and PJs, countless snacks in bed, and Netflix are your main friends these days.
Remote work hostage

remote work

You are the busiest during this quarantine. Who says that working at home is easy and fun? You know all the hardships of remote work that keeps you up at ungodly hours.
Fitness model in making

It’s time to finally keep up to a healthy diet that you’ve promised yourself a long time ago. By adding daily sports activities to the mix, you are one of the few to fully prepare for summer this year.
Find-your-hobby enthusiast

find your hobby

With lots of free time, you can finally enjoy the numerous hobbies you’ve wanted to try. Painting, DIY, gardening, reading, blogging, and pet grooming is only the beginning of your ever-growing list.
Self-improvement craze


You strive for excellence in everything, your body and mind should follow. Your previous month was filled with numerous education courses, mindful reading, skincare, makeup tutorials, and everything to get out of this quarantine the better version of yourself.

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