Am I Beautiful Or Ugly Quiz

Am I Beautiful Quiz


Beauty is a complex notion. It all always highly subjective and unique for each of us. Yet, it's been one of the main discussion topics for thousands of years. People have always been arguing about beauty and will not stop in the foreseeable future.

What do you see when you look in the mirror though? "Am I ugly?" we often think. Self-evaluation is the hardest thing for all of us. Do you love yourself? Do you accept your flaws and learn to embrace them proudly? Or are you simply perfect? While it is hard to look at yourself objectively, it may be even harder to imagine how others see you. Do people think you are as beautiful as a princess? Or as ugly as an old witch? Maybe, we have to get rid of those stereotypes at all.

This "Am I Beautiful or Ugly" quiz is meant to offer insight into your opinion of yourself and how it affects others. If people like you, you should be doing something right?

What Is Beauty

Beauty for you and others are completely different things. Do you value the symmetry of facial features or the kind look in people's eyes? That may be important for you but not for others. People learn to appreciate a variety of features and traits humans possess. We prioritize differently. We see the world in unique ways.

Is beauty inside of us or is it how we look? For many, it is both in and out. Don't judge a book by its cover. Have you heard this before? We all have but still continue to judge from time to time. The society always invents "the standards of beauty." Most of the time, we mean outside beauty, our appearance. Slim or curvy, tall or short, fair or dark...Each generation has its preferences and they change rapidly. A slower transition concert the inner beauty and what is considered a "good trait." There were periods of chivalry, of intellectual breakthrough, or peace and freedom. The combination of these two types of beauty makes each person unique.

Is it important to be born with the most symmetrical face as emphasized by scientists? Is it important to be a local genius? No. To most important, beauty is been yourself and taking care of your body. A sound mind in a sound body, remember?

What Will You Learn Here?

In this Am I Pretty quiz, we will take a look at various sides of your personality. This approach gives a better understanding of "the whole picture." Do you love yourself as much as you'd like others to love you? Because everything starts with you. Value yourself and your health to stay strong and attractive. Read books and learn new skills to be interesting. Follow your passions and be open to people. Make friends and enjoy the quiet time.

These simple rules will make you feel loved and happy. After all, that is why we desire beauty. To be happy.

Take this quiz as a friendly reminder to love yourself and the people around you.

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