Am I Depressed Quiz: Check the Signs

By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 6 months ago
Until around 50 years ago, depression was something to overlook. People did not treat it like a severe illness it is and just brushed off the symptoms. People suffering from depression did not get adequate treatment and were thought to overdramatize just feeling down. However, over time, doctors have researched it enough to admit that clinical depression is a serious condition that requires medical attention. And this "Am I depressed quiz" will nudge you in the right direction of a doctor's office if specific symptoms are checked.

Note that we are not medical specialists and do not even attempt to diagnose your health. This test was created with

Today, depression is treated way differently than in the 20th century. Now, at the mention of depression, people have learned to understand the gruesome effects on human health and quality of life. It should also be mentioned that feeling unhappy and being clinically depressed are two different things. Depression is characterized by long-term feelings of sadness, all-encompassing hopelessness, and lost interest in life. Depression requires professional help from a mental health doctor.
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If you feel down and experience depressing feelings for some time, check this list of depression symptoms to better understand the condition.

Physical Symptoms

Let's start with the physical symptoms that are often easier to notice. These can also be checked by family members as the red flag when a person needs outside help.

  • slow speech and movement
  • unexplained pain
  • low energy and sex drive
  • disturbed sleep (a widespread symptom)
  • constipation
  • change of menstrual cycle
  • increased fatigue (in time, it may become a constant)
  • changes in appetite and weight

Psychological symptoms

These signs are harder to notice, especially for other people. Thus, we have to check on these on our own.

  • continuous sadness and bad mood
  • uncontrollable emotions (mood swings)
  • irritability (primarily in men)
  • hopeless outlook (the typical phrase "what's the point?)
  • no interest in daily activities
  • self-loathing
Another everyday psychological companion of depression is anxiety. This is not a direct symptom, but they often go hand in hand. This is a highly complex feeling that requires a detailed description of its own as not all people can recognize anxiety when they face it. Among the signs/components of anxiety are:

  • rapid heart rate and breathing
  • nervousness and restlessness
  • panic and dread
  • trembling
  • hard time thinking clearly about anything, especially the things outside of the thing that bothers you

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Social symptoms

Depression also affects our social interactions. Among the signs are

  • avoiding contact with friends and family
  • abandoning social activities and hobbies
  • having problems at work and at home
Depression is a disorder that affects all spheres of our life, personal, social, and business spheres, as well as targets our mental and physical health. If you notice experiencing some of these symptoms for more than two weeks, be sure to contact a mental health professional and consult with them. There are many ways to treat depression, and your doctor will choose the most suitable and appropriate one for you. One of the significant challenges of treating depression disorder is to recognize it. And we hope this "Depression quiz" will nudge you in the right direction.

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