Am I Dumb? This Test Will Tell!

Dumb or clever?


Are you dumb? This question may sound rude, but is there a way to check out your intelligence levels? Have you ever tried an IQ test? The average IQ tests have an average of 100. When it comes to testing, you can distinguish three categories

  • IQ below 85
  • 85 - 115
  • 116 and higher

Most people have an IQ that falls into the second category, somewhere between 85 and 115. If you have such a result, you are an average person intelligent for daily life. Very small percentages of people have an IQ that falls either below 70 or above 130. Am I dumb? If you are below 70, you can call yourself dumb.

However, in this intelligence quiz, we will not test for an IQ number. Instead, we'll see just how much basic stuff about the planet and its lifeforms you know. Do you lack some basic knowledge or cannot solve complex equations? There is a big difference between the two.

why am i dumb

Today, we'll test you in the following fields:


I'm sure that in the age of the Internet, travels, and growing internationality, we all must know quite a lot about geography. Depending on where you live, you'll know more about your home region than the rest of the world. But it's time to change that to be a well-rounded person, right?

Human Anatomy

What can be more critical to a human than knowing its own body and mind? Nothing! We have to have at least a general understanding of how our complex systems work. Otherwise, how can we take care of our health? Both mental and physical. After all, doctors cannot watch over us 24/7 and control our every step.


Okay, I'm not asking you to solve something impossible. These are the simple tasks that a fifth-grader can do! I'm sure you'll be able to solve something easily! Besides, there are only one or two such questions. Don't worry.


Knowing history is important never to make the same mistakes. Isn't that what people say? Thus, history is yet another subject that a clever person has to be knowledgeable about. So, make your brain remember all those historical events that anyone should know! Do you already know what I'm talking about? I'm sure you can already guess a couple of events I'll be interested in.


Frankly, I don't know what your first language is. However, considering that you are waiting to complete an English quiz, I'm sure the rules are applicable to you too. So don't worry; I'm sure some native speakers know their language worse than some non-natives!


What would we be without logic? This is the subject that children learn at school among the first things. Simply learning a formula or a rule without knowing how to apply it in real life is pointless. Besides, the ability to find off-pattern solutions for some riddles makes you smarter than remembering some fact from the past.

No, when you know the approximate list of subjects for this Dumb test, are you ready to start?

We also have an IQ test if you'd like more brain teasers!

Written by Irene

Meet Irene, the quiz mastermind who is constantly pushing the limits of what we know. She is a true quiz connoisseur, crafting brain-bending questions that challenge us to think outside the box. Her quizzes are the perfect blend of fun and educational, making her a fan favorite.