Are You Toxic?

Toxic Person Quiz


If you are here, you are probably a bit toxic! And I don't mean full of venom. But, yeah, actually, full of mental venom. We all have toxic people in our lives. What, you don't? It may mean that you are that toxic person in your friends' lives.

To learn for sure the answer to "Am I toxic," you just need to complete this test. It'll uncover how people see you and whether you are an angel or demon.
Types of Toxic People

So, who is a toxic person?

In general, we call people toxic if they constantly bring distress to people's lives. It's one thing when you are miserable in your lie, but it's even worse when you also bring negativity and misery to everybody around you.

A few toxic categories are fully aware of their influence, but the majority are so self-absorbed that they don't notice people around and how they affect them.
Firstly, take a look at these categories; maybe, you'll recognize yourself in one of them.

The Conversational Terrorist

This kind of toxic people shines most in conversations. First of all, they are all about them and only them. Their life is the center of attention, and they take every opportunity to switch the spotlight back to them.

Plus, this toxic person constantly interrupts you. They simply can't wait for boring people (aka everybody else) to shut up and return to their problems.

The Vampire

This toxic person drains you emotionally. It's not only about a one-on-one conversation. Every time you meet this person, they bring you one step closer to depression in some inexplicable way.
They are generally negative and only "enjoy" negative things like gossiping, arguing, complaining, etc.

The Drama Queen

Oh, you already know who'll be the drama queen in this quiz. You! Honestly, this is arguably the flashiest type of toxic people. And if you are on, you already know that. And enjoy it even more!
A significant share of toxic people combines the drama queen elements with other toxic signs.

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

This type of toxic people is all about fakes, frauds, and lies. You can hardly hear a truthful thing our of their month. It'd be a rare accomplishment. So instead, they'll try to manipulate you and constantly choose new lies to feed friends and family.

They may not be super noticeable at once. However, you'll uncover their true nature fast enough.

Toxic Person Quiz

So, this test is meant solely to uncover whether you have the "symptoms" of a toxic person or not. It's not meant to bully you or put a diagnosis of sorts. This test was created for entertainment purposes only. If you don't like the result or don't feel comfortable exposing your true feelings, I have lots of trivia quizzes. e.g., this Snowflake test.


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