Which Attack on Titan Girl Are You?

By: Denis Priesnov
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Attack on Titan is one of the most notable anime series of all time. Despite being among the relatively young series, it has already become "a classic." Attack on Titan characters are known to all anime fans worldwide.

When you ask a fellow "weeb" where to enter the anime world, many will mention AoT among the top 10 series list. The show, just as the manga, is harsh and violent. We see numerous deaths, acts of near cannibalism (if we consider Titans closer to humans), and all types of violence. However, the series is filled with a depth that surpasses casual killing. The show highlights moral and ethical issues with each episode. And we are glad to offer you a chance to become a part of the universe of strong fighters.

3 Reasons Attack on Titan Is the Best


Yes, this reason sounds strange at the beginning, but you'll find its appeal from the very first episode. Though Attack on Titan conforms to the main shonen standards, it lacks the "cuteness" appeal that many series bring to sweeten the young audience. Being of a higher audience rating than the rest, Attack on Titan brings new creepy elements to the story that you'll find in no other show of this kind.

The Titans are cruel; the humans are none the better. The inconsistent art makes the Titans look just as creepy as they would be in real life.

Great characters

The variety of characters is supported by the same variety of characters. We see the personalities that are often present in our friends. No one is purely evil or kind; everybody has an edge. They all are guided by personal desires and drivers, often selfish, just as we all are. These colorful characters are quite impressive, both in their personalities and physical abilities.

Here, we see people struggling to survive and fighting for their lives and freedom. Thus, this is a universe where protagonists make questionable decisions, and enemies happen to show compassion.


The moral issues highlighted in the story are universal. We may not have Titans here on Earth, but fighting monsters is a universal notion. For some of us, the monsters are real. For others, the destructive metaphorical monsters are the main enemy.

The series may be considered a jab at modern society and government. The fake sense of stability and the illusion of prosperity and freedom will envelop and dull us. At such a rate, the Titans are already nearing!

Strong Female Characters

Though the fan-favorite Levi is considered the best fighter in the realm, we'd place our bet on the power and diversity of the Attack girls! The leading female characters of this world are strong, both physically and mentally. They feature unique characters that are masterfully uncovered.

In this Attack on Titan quiz, we'd like to offer you a chance to transform into one of these great characters and defeat your first monster, whether it be a Titan or an internal enemy!

Which Attack on Titan Girl Are You? Questions

attack on titan quiz What do you think about the Titans?
  • they are not the worst thing you can face in this world

  • they are monsters and have to be destroyed

  • they are simply misunderstood creatures

attack on titan quiz What hair color would you choose?
  • blonde

  • light brown

  • red

  • dark brown

  • black

attack on titan What do you usually eat for breakfast?
  • lots and lots of all kinds of food

  • I only have coffee

  • eggs and bacon or pancakes

  • no time for breakfast, lots of things to do!

attack on titan Choose your fighting style.
  • mainly the use of vertical maneuvering equipment

  • the combination of hand-to-hand combat and swords

  • using omni-directional mobility gear

  • bow and rifle

attack on titan What characteristics describe you the best?
  • energetic and fun

  • serious and brooding

attack on titan You have a free day, what would you do?
  • visit a city fair

  • be with my friends and family

  • stay in for some alone time

  • train a bit more

  • read something

which aot character are you Describe your sense of humor.
  • sarcastic and deadpan

  • silly, full of wordplay

  • I appreciate physical humor

attack on titan quiz What is your response in challenging situations?
  • I remain collected and come up with the best possible plan immediately

  • I trust my intuition to help me

  • I stay strong to protect the others

  • I often react impulsively

attack on titan quiz Do you make new friendships easily?
  • yes, I'm friendly

  • I'm open to new friendships, but people have to win my trust

  • no, friendship is hard for me

attack on titan characters Are you a violent person?
  • yes, I can be sometimes

  • not unless provoked

  • usually not, but I can be when I lose it

attack on titan characters Analytical thinking or following your intuition?
  • following your intuition

  • analytical thinking

attack on titan quiz Are you a good teacher?
  • the best

  • I'm an okay teacher

  • I'm terrible at it

attack on titan character quiz Imagine you are left to babysit a group of kids aged 7-12. What will you do?
  • leave the oldest be, put the youngest to sleep, and turn cartoons for the rest

  • play with them hide and seek or tag

  • ask the oldest to maintain order and do your stuff nearby

attack on titan  characters What would be your weapon of choice?
  • science equipment

  • swords

  • spears or hooks

  • fire arm

attack on titan character quiz You have to do thorough research for a school assignment. Your thoughts?
  • I love researching! can't wait for a new task

  • I'm glad to learn something new

  • meh, I'll just write something at the last moment

attack on titan character quizzes Can you be considered a master manipulator?
  • no

  • yes

attack on titan characters How would you apologize to someone?
  • I do it rarely, but when I do, I pour my heart out

  • apologize? why would I do that?

  • I'm sorry

  • I humbly apologize

attack on titan quizzes What do you do when stressed?
  • eat

  • train

  • brood

  • maniacally work

aot character quiz What's your greatest flaw?
  • my attachments

  • my apathy

  • my low self-esteem

  • my obsessiveness

attack on titan Are you close to your parents?
  • I'm far away physically but love them a lot

  • I don't know them that well

  • yes, we are close

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