Best Friend Quiz: Test Your Friendship

Friend quiz


Friendship is essential for every person. When you have a friend to listen to you and support you, no problem seems too big. Humans are social creatures and need this in their lives to feel happy.
If you are lucky enough to find a soulmate in your friend, this relationship will be full of support and understanding. A true best friend can be closer than your blood relatives. A loyal one is more precious than money.

But how do you know that your friend is truly perfect for you? Often, people that we consider friends betray or leave us. So, is there no way to check the strength of your friendship?

Aside from the dramatic “loyalty” checkups that put your close ones into compromising positions just to check what they feel about you, use this quiz to test the strength of your connection pain-free!
The following are some of the surest signs that you are either close or distant from a person. Of course, every friendship is different, and we cannot judge from the outside. Some people are incredibly close, even though they rarely meet up. Others are loyal and supportive even though they don’t have years of friendship behind them. That is why a complex study of various aspects is required. And that is what we’ll be doing in this quiz!

For now, just take a look at how important friendship is for our physical and mental health:

Reduced stress

Stress has destructive effects on our health, and it is hard to cope with. However, studies show that long-term friendship positively affects our ability to withstand stresses and prevents some of them at all.

Such an ability of friends to help us in stressful situations is closely connected to next benefit.

Moral support

By listening to your problems, validating your feelings, and distracting you from sad thoughts, your friend offers the ultimate form of emotional support. In addition, experts recommend maintaining close friendships with someone besides your partner to have an alternative form of emotional support.


A sense of belonging is often underestimated. In fact, it is a major factor in happiness. As you feel that your life matters to others, you get purpose and encouragement to develop and move forward.
At the same time, a support network offered by friends automatically gives you a sense of security in your own life.

Personal development

If you feel that your friend drags you down and stops that personal development, drop that friend! There is nothing positive in such a friendship. A good friend will support you in creating positive change and maintaining resolve to keep going. They will also support your new adventures and set a good example by developing themselves.

All of the mentioned benefits have been researched and proven by numerous studies. A comprehensive review can be found on Healthline.

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