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Korean pop music has been a significant mainstream trend over the past couple of years. A pop culture that once was contained for the local public made a lead to conquer the world. And thisK-pop quizis the ultimate proof of it.

Boys and girls bands have always been popular in Korean, and their scales often surpass what the Western viewer knows as a band. In Europe and America, a pop band is usually a quarter or a quintet that is easy to remember. Though Korean show business does not lack diversity, many bands consist of 6+ members, which is the format that's spreading fast to Western countries.

Arguably one of the most successful K-pop groups is Blackpink. This girl band is well-known in the whole world, mainly thanks to YouTube. They are continually making news as the most-viewed videos on YouTube, which brings even more listeners to the family of Blinks (this is the official name of the Blackpink fanbase). If you are here, you are already on your way to becoming a Blink. 2019 and 2020 have brought us many collaborations with such American stars as Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Drake, Halsey, Harry Styles, Dua Lipa, and many other celebrities. And thisBlackpink bias quizwill include some of those hits. So, if you haven't heard them yet, we might have the perfect playlist for you for this evening.

Now, if you are new to K-pop in general or this group in particular, you don't know who to stan yet. For that, let's take a look at the amazing girls of Blackpink as they are all so different!


Park Chae-young, also known as Rose and "Blackpink Goddess", "is the group's main vocalist and dancer. She was born in New Zealand and can speak three languages, Korean, Japanese, and English.

Fans also know Rose as a "foodsie" for her love of food. If you see a video with Rose, she's probably eating. But not avocados!


Lalisa Manoban was born in Thailand. She is the group's leading dancer and rapper, the most badass one among all female-only groups. Combined with her superb dancing, any Lisa's performance is a treat. She is a tuff nut when it comes to mentoring young trainees. At the same time, she is a cute maknae (the youngest) of Blackpink.


Unlike other girls, Kim Ji-Soo was born in Korea. She is the group's vocalist and visual. The latter is the "position" of the face of the band, the prettiest member. Like that, she is known as "Man Heart's Destroyer."

Jisoo is also the oldest member of Blackpink and can often be seen as a group's mom. From an artistic point, she has strong vocals and does great body rolls.


Kim Jennie is also a Korean-born singer. Her role in the band is the lead rapper and vocalist. There is one word that describes her perfectly: savage! She is fierce both on-stage and off-stage. At the same time, she's a little scaredy-cat and can be a cutie.

This is a short description of the four members of Blackpink. And one of them will soon become your Blackpink bias!

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