Body Type Quiz: What Kind of "-morph" Are You?

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Our bodies are different. Despite what the modern stereotypes and standards would want us to believe, people should not fit into the set measurements. Those 90-60-90 are not perfect! We are perfect as we are, in our own bodies. It is time to learn to love our shapes and appreciate diversity. And this Body type quiz will help you determine your constitution based on the theory created in the last century that determines three generalized body types. It's sad to admit but, as time goes, society pushes forward the ideas of (uniformity, especially when it comes to the beauty industry).

All those brands, designers, and fashionistas tell people who are "beautiful" and normal. Sooner rather than later, everybody will look the same, and we'll be bored with our appearance. The 21st-century movements that promote body positivity and self-love are like fresh air to a person in a stuffy room. As long as you are healthy, you should love your body as it is.

Of course, I do not discourage getting fit, as muscular frames can endure more and make our organism healthier overall. As long as you want to improve your physique for yourself and not for the societal standards, you are doing the right thing. Do not let social media distort your view of beauty and real-life bodies. You should know that most influencers heavily edit their pictures and post unrealistic bodies. Which leads to unrealistic expectations among followers.

Body types

The system that we are testing today has been offered by William H. Sheldon in the 1940s. It is designed to determine the somatotypes that focus on our physical predisposition and genetic composition that we lean towards.

Basically, the system distinguishes three main body types:


This body type is characterized by a lean and slender build. People of such type have little body fat and have a harder time gaining muscles and weight overall. Usually, ectomorphs naturally have a fast metabolism and can eat lots without gaining much weight. Their slim limbs remain so ever with the extra weight. This type is often characterized by above-average height.
body type quiz


This is the opposite type on the spectrum. Where ectomorphs are sharp and bony, endomorphs are soft and curvy. This type is stockier and quickly gains extra weight. Unlike the previous types, endomorphs require more time to lose those pounds that hide their muscles. Also, they are usually the shorter of the two.

However, softer body lines and naturally more body fat do not mean that endomorphs are always overweight. A bright example would be Merilyn Monroe.


This is the sporty and athletic type perfect in-between the previous two. This type has the easiest time gaining muscle mass. However, mesomorphs can also gain extra weight but no trouble in losing it. Their bodies are solid and strong if they lead an active lifestyle.

body type quiz
Although these are the only body types Sheldon distinguished, many people combine the two types' characteristics. To determine all the details, a case-by-case study is required.

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Body Type Quiz: What Kind of "-morph" Are You? Questions

body type quiz Do you easily gain weight?
  • yes

  • no

body type quiz Do you easily loose weight?
  • yes

  • no

body type quiz Are you muscular?
  • yes, I easily keep my shape

  • somewhat, I try hard

  • no

body type quiz What shape is your body?
  • an hourglass

  • an inverted triangle

  • a pear

  • a rectangle

body type quiz What part of your body stockier?
  • legs and hips

  • belly

  • chest, shoulders, and arms

body type quiz Do your form and weight change often?
  • yes

  • no

  • occasionally

body type quiz How many meals a day do you eat?
  • 1 or 2

  • 3 full meals

  • 5 small meals a day

body type quiz How much time do you need to get back into shape after the holiday season?
  • a week or two

  • I almost never go out of "shape"

  • closer to a month

  • I'm not in shape anyway!

body type quiz What's your gender?
  • male

  • female

  • I'll pass this question

body type quiz Do you eat healthy?
  • yes

  • I try to

  • not at all

body type quiz Can you wrap your fingers around the wrist?
  • yes, they are an exact match

  • no

  • yes, and even more

body type quiz Are your body lines sharp or smooth and curvy?
  • kinda both

  • sharp and edgy

  • soft all over

body type quiz Do you feel regret after eating lots of carbs in a day?
  • full belly of regret

  • sated and happy

  • slightly disappointed that it is not healthy, but happy overall

body type quiz What kind of training do you prefer?
  • cardio

  • weight training

  • 50/50

  • no training at all

body type quiz Were you a lanky teenager?
  • yes

  • no

body type quiz Right now, you'd rather...
  • gain weight

  • loose weight

  • build muscles

body type quiz Describe your parents
  • tall and slim

  • tall and sturdy

  • short and sturdy

  • short and lean

  • just average

body type quiz Do you have thin ankles?
  • yes

  • they are okay

  • no

body type quiz You consider yourself an
  • ectomorph

  • endomorph

  • mesomorph

body type quiz Can you clearly see many of your bones?
  • yes, I'm incredibly bony

  • only a few

  • some, but not too many

body type quiz How many burgers a week do you need to eat to gain weight?
  • just one is enough 

  • around 5-6 if I eat something else as well

  • probably more than 10 (plus two regular meals a day)

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