Can you Guess Celebs by Their Childhood Pictures?

By: Denis Priesnov
Created: 7 months ago
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This time, we have prepared for you a celebrity quiz that will not only test how good you are with faces but also show that we all have the potential for greatness. No matter where we are born, how we are treated, and how we look, we can become outstanding individuals. The most important component of success is the strength to believe in yourself. 

What’s in a Face?

So, have you ever wondered what your childhood friends may look like today? Would you be able to recognize them at all? This is a complex question that only a few can answer by experience. However, looking at the childhood pictures of the people you know right now, as adults, will be a drastic experience for you. Some people look mostly the same and we can easily see the similarities between the same 8, 15, and 29-year old person. On the other end of the specter are people who’ve changed so drastically that we cannot see the correlation between two 20-year-apart pictures even when rubbing our nose in that. And these people show the most amazing transformations. 

When it comes to celebrities, we are used to seeing them at their best – with a team of estheticians and makeup artists doing their best job. Magazine covers are all about editing and even video footage can use beautification techniques. 

A real chance to see stars in their natural beauty is offered by their old childhood photos. As adults, they are luxuries and composed. However, as children, they were an average boy/girl next door in most cases. They were fun and silly just children are. And capturing their liveliest moments in childhood is a true insight into their carefree personalities. 

For this celebrity photo quiz, we’ve found the best childhood and teenhood photos of the most famous stars to test how well you know them. 

Adopting an Analytical Approach

We encourage you to just have fun and do not turn to online services searching through piles of old photos. Just use your intuition and take a look at their prominent features. As a small guide on what to look for if you cannot recognize a face, here are a couple of features to pay attention to. 

Eyes. Though many of the old photos are of poor quality, you still can recognize a person’s eyes on old photos. Take a look at their color and shape. Eyes are the mirrors of our souls, right? Then go look deeper into them. 

Nose. Aside from the increasing cases of plastic surgery, our noses do not change much. The rule is mostly applicable to teenage photos where the shape is fully formed.

The same concerns our ears. If you see ears sticking out, in most cases, they will not go away in time. This is a clear indicator to look for a certain person. Dimples are a sure feature as well.

Hair color is not a reliable feature anymore. Women and men endlessly experiment with their styles. So, you’ll hardly see a celebrity that maintains their natural coloring at all times. 

These are just the major features we are looking for when recognizing people. In general, your intuition may become a better tool than analyzing all the features. A different method for a different person.
Now, are you ready for the celeb quiz?

P.S. What about your childhood pictures? Have you changed much?

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