Christmas Trivia for Family Fun!

Christmas Quiz for the Whole Family


As the song says, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! That is one that everybody has in common - the love for Christmas. This is a holiday that leaves nobody disappointed. Whether you are celebrating it by making snow angels and building snowmen or on a hot beach with a drink in hand, the Christmas spirit follows you everywhere in the world. And we hope this Christmas quiz will become an excellent and fun game for your family on one of these cozy December evenings! 

History and Traditions 

Christmas has a bit of a flexible schedule worldwide due to the differences in the religious calendars. However, Christmas is always a winter holiday filled with merriment and joy! 

Now, is Christmas really the birthday of Jesus? Historians strongly doubt so. Some of the facts point to a much warmer time somewhere in spring. However, what’s done is done, and most of the world sticks to December 24-25. This is just a part of Christmas trivia. And as religion is not a guiding force for many modern families, Christmas has long become a family holiday. This is the time to gather with your relatives and unite over the cheerful days. Friends are mostly left for New Year’s. 

Christmas traditions are varied and differ depending on your country. Family traditions add a cute little something to this holiday to make it even more family-friendly. 

If you are already waiting for Christmas but don’t feel its cheerful spirit, yes (kinda hard in 2020), follow these preparation techniques to create your happy mood before going to our Christmas trivia questions.

How to Create Christmas Spirit 

  1. A movie night. While it’s not the time for eggnog yet, a cup of warm cacao, some popcorn, and a couple of Christmas movies will switch your Christmas mood just like that! We suggest combining some of the classics like Home Alone and How the Grinch Stole Christmas and some of the fresh selection that is largely offered on Netflix! Throw in an animated Nightmare Before Christmas or Rise of The Guardians, and you are good to go!
  2. Decorate a tree. Who needs to wait to decorate a tree? If you want this beauty in your house right now, go get yourself the prettiest tree and make a fun occasion out of it. Plus, this can be easily combined with point number 1 for an extra shot of Christmas vibes. 
  3. Go buy presents. Have you not done it yet? We all know that it’s better to do everything beforehand but still get stuck in that last-minute fever every year. This time around, you can finally do everything in advance and get more cheerful at the same time. Just think how happy your family will be to open those presents! And you’ll brighten up immediately! 
  4. Make Christmas cooking right now! Treat yourself even before it’s a holiday! You deserve only the best. And if ginger cookies make you, so be it.
  5. Complete our Christmas trivia game!

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