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Dark Arts is one of the most exciting topics in the Harry Potter magic system. This branch of magic has not been studied enough, in my opinion. Yes, it may be corrupting, but it is also so tempting! For all the fans of HP magic mysteries, I've prepared this Dark Arts quiz that will test your knowledge of the darker part of the magic.

Dark Arts are not evil by default. Well, maybe aside from the killing curse, there are some "good" uses for it. It is the fact that many of its branches corrupt you. A bright example is Lord Voldemort. The mystery of Horcruxes is the darkest and most unforgivable part of this side of magic. Basically, any experiments with the soul lead to horrifying consequences.

However, Dark Arts are not exclusively used by the Evil Lords. There are some common uses to it as well.


This is the one school, as far as we know, that teaches Dark Arts instead of DADA. It has more lenient rules about this ranch of magic than the other institutions. The most strict laws are in effect in Japan. Japanese Ministry of Magic does not permit the use of Dark magic and immediately places practitioners on trial. Besides, if the practitioner turns out to be a Mahoutokoro School of Magic student, they would be immediately expelled.

In Durmstrang, on the contrary, Dark Arts were always taught. However, the school's negative reputation is mainly the result of Grindelwad's terror and the rule under Karkaroff, a well-known Death Eater.

It seems that Durmstrang professors support the idea of teaching students how to behave around the more dangerous forms of magic instead of prohibiting all and risking students diving into the field on their own.

It may be a sound approach, after all! Personally, I would prefer to know the basics or something dangerous and how to be safe around it than letting young impressionable students learn it elsewhere. It may be argued that Durmstrang encourages the corruption of Dark Arts, but we don't see a regular Dark Wizard from this school going rampant. If a person wants power, they'll find a way to Dark Arts anyway.
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The biggest misconception I see about Dark Arts is the evil nature of everything surrounding it. People rarely take a more comprehensive look at what it represents.

Not everything about it is evil by default. Just take a look at the variety of dark spells. They are not only curses and Unforgivables. Hexes and jinxes fall under this category as well. Remember that for the Dark Arts test.

Jinxes are minor and irritating but can also be amusing. Some of them cause wobbly legs, others trap you in a bubble, and some levitate people. At the same time, many jinxes can be used in combat as small blasts, snaps, and immobilizing tricks. The anti-disapparition spell can be used to protect an area or catch criminals. In some cases, like Riddle's Defence Against the Dark Arts jink is more of a curse and leads to lethal consequences.

Hexes vary in types, effects, and severity as well.

As you see, spells that fall under the Dark Arts category are varied and cannot be dismissed entirely. To show off your school knowledge, try this Hogwart Studies quiz.

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