Are You a Difficult Person to Get Along With?

Hard person


A problematic person test is one of the newer online tests meant to discover your personality. Of course, the tests are made for fun and have no intention of offending anyone.

IDRlabs Quiz

hard person quiz

However, the origins of such quizzes come from the test created by IDRlabs, which is famous for quite a few other Individual DIfference Research tests. If you've ever done an IDRlabs quiz, you know that it takes the minimum amount of time and is super easy to follow.

This test is similar to the personality research you've probably done in school where you had to point whether you slightly/strongly agree or disagree with a sentence.

This quiz is somewhat similar but even easily complete.

You just need to either agree or disagree with a fact about your character! That's all

What Difficult People Are There

When it comes to evaluating characters, it's hard to judge. People are different and have opposite outlooks on life.

This quiz touches upon different aspects of a human character that have proven to be challenging to deal with for many people.

We've taken the same categories as IDRlabs does. All credit for the actual research goes to the recourse.

Our job was to evaluate different categories for each person and combine the results together. Thus, you've got a complete test that shows what most people think about your character.

hard person test

Difficult Categories


If you are not an empathetic person, it reflects on how people perceive you! It means you are a bit socially inept, and that is completely fine. It's just your trait. However, people find it difficult to communicate with those who make them feel uncomfortable.


You've probably already guessed what this is about. After all, you are the smartest of all, yeah? Well, a person with a high grandiosity level would think so. Entitled people are such. Narcissists have grandiosity pepped to the max.


This point is easy to understand. Nobody likes aggressive people. It just screams Danger and Keep Away. Aggressive people are rude and hostile. They are often hot-headed, so this is one of the signs.


I get why people find it hard to trust others. After all, you make yourself vulnerable.
However, such suspicion is often unreasonable. People push others away and don't open up in fear. Communicating with a closed-off person is difficult for most.


Manipulation always feels sticky and awful. You feel used and never want to trust that person again. Such people give little in return and just want to use people around them for personal gain. They show no signs of loyalty.


Dominance may be perceived as good or bad, depending on your preferences. However, most people can't easily communicate with highly dominant people who like to control everything and firmly believe that their opinion is the only right one.


Risk-tasting is not so bad when it doesn't affect other people. However, when you drag somebody into dangerous situations just for thrill-seeking, that'll effectively ruin your relationship. Plus, close people find it exhausting to worry about their "risk-takers" constantly.

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