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Eating disorders often bring irrevocable consequences for your body and mind. This is a serious illness that often gets neglected and treated as less dangerous than it is. Unfortunately, the reality of people with an eating disorder is a grievous one. Such people require support and love from their families and society.

What Eating Disorder Do I Have?

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When speaking of ED, we often think of people with anorexia. Yes, this is a common representation of an eating disorder, but it's also just a part of a whole specter of conditions.

Often, people don't even suspect having an eating disorder as the media paints a one-sided picture.

Can only an underweight person have an ED? No. Can only an extremely obese person have an ED? No. EVerything in-between also counts.

We all need to take at least one eating disorder quiz in our lives to take a look at our eating habits from the side. So many things we consider normal are not healthy indeed.

Eating Disorder Test Coverage

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Though I cannot diagnose which type of ED you have (as I'm not a doctor and cannot include a specific diagnosis), I can tell whether you show the possible signs of unhealthy eating habits or not.

For a clearer picture of what habits constitute an eating disorder, I can suggest the following lists of eating disoder types.

Anorexia nervosa

This is the most well-known type that is covered plenty by the media. Thus, you already know about this type accompanies by

  • starvation
  • fear of gaining weight
  • excessive exercise
  • distorted body image
  • purging

Bulimia nervosa

This is yet another type of eating disorder generally known to the public. It has many symptoms overlapping with anorexia but is characterized by frequent purging. Among the symptoms that can be traced during Bulimia nervosa are

  • fear of gaining weight
  • distorted body image
  • heavy binge eating and purging cycles (may involve vomiting, laxatives, enemas, excessive exercise)

Binge eating disorder

This is an eating disorder so common that people don't even think of it as a disorder. In the U.S. alone, this is the leading type of ED. The binges are characterized by the rapid consumption of large (unusually large) amounts of food in a short time. The person loses control over their cravings. The symptoms

  • frequent binge eating
  • no purging techniques
  • feeling shame when thinking of binge eating


This is a stranger one - cravings for non-food products. Something like the love of pregnant women for chalk! Among such substances are more dangerous ones like paper, detergent, soil, soap, and so on.

Aside from the temporary preggo's cravings, pica is often found in children and mentally disabled people.

Rumination disorder

Last but not least is Rumination disorder. Now, if you have a poor stomach, I suggest you stop on the word "regurgitate" and read no more!

If you are still with me, you can handle the description. Such an eating disorder involves people regurgitating food and rechewing it again. Then, it may be spit out and swallowed again. Do not confuse it with reflux, which is involuntary in its nature.

When you are done with this quiz, I recommend taking a Trypophobia test!


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