Gilmore Girls Quiz: How Well Do You Know Teen Classics?

By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 5 months ago
Who of us haven't seen Gilmore Girls when we were young? Only those who are still young and watch it now on streaming services. Gilmore Girls is a coming-of-age story that every teen girl has to watch! No matter how old the series becomes. Plus, the show is not solely for young girls, anyone can watch it and enjoy it.

Now that it's easy to watch TV shows in the history of television online on streaming services or even buy a movie in a few clicks, there is no excuse for missing such a heartwarming story!

All of you who've been young and watched Gilmore Girl know how relatable Rory can be. She is a teenager with teenage problems. As all of us are. Those of you who are older can relate to Lorelai and how you really are still a careless child at times who's meant to be an adult.

Both girls get pressured by society and relatives. Still, they find strength in each other and learn to navigate this complex life.

Gilmore Girl Quiz for Nostalgic Moments

When you feel the need to return to the iconic TV shows of old, there is no need to rewatch all those 6+ seasons. You can simply come here and enjoy trivia and personality quizzes.

This one is trivia. It's meant to test how much you remember from the show and whether you pay attention to details at all. I've probably already done tons of trivia and know the usual drill. You have to answer a question by choosing the correct answer from four suggestions.

Personality quizzes usually determine who you are from fandom or match you up with somebody. If you'd like to get a quiz like that as well, I'll be waiting for your feedback.

Now, let's get back to the nostalgic moments of television and cinematics.

Let's discuss what other TV trivia tests can be of interest to you!

After Gilmore Girls Trivia

My suggestions will be based on the fact that you are a TV-series binge-watcher (the chances are high if you like completing trivia tests after enjoying a TV fandom.)

Riverdale trivia - this is yet another teen show, but one that is a bit darker, yet nostalgic all the way. The original story was presented in Archie Comics a few decades ago! Most of us were too young (or not born yet) to enjoy the original comic. Now that attention has been brought towards Riverdale and its characters, it's high time to remember the original source! Don't worry, though, the quiz is focused on the modern series.

That 70s Show is a bit closer to the Gilmore Girls in its atmosphere. There are no supernatural elements and the story is light and fun. No murders, no killer families, no baker gangs. Such old-fashioned teen dramas and love stories. If you are a fan, you should enjoy it.

Gilmore Girls Quiz: How Well Do You Know Teen Classics? Questions

Gilmore Girl test Who was the first boyfriend of Rory?
  • Jess

  • Dean

  • Logan

  • Doyle

Gilmore Girl test Why did Rory and Dean break up in season four?
  • he's cheated on her

  • she's cheated on him

  • they just don't love each other

  • Dean was married

Gilmore Girl test To propose to her romantically, Max sent Lorelai 1000 of her favorite flowers. Yellow
  • tulip

  • daisy

  • dahlia

  • primrose

Gilmore Girl test What was the girl's "hangover food"?
  • tacos

  • burgers

  • sandwich with pickles

  • spicy noodles

Gilmore Girl test In what season do Sookie and Jackson marry?
  • 1

  • 2

  • 3

  • 4

Gilmore Girl test Did Rory ever marry in the original series?
  • yes

  • no

Gilmore Girl test Who is Rory's idol?
  • Connie Chung

  • Oprah

  • Christiane Amanpour

  • Betty Boothroyd

Gilmore Girl test When did Rory and Lane become friends?
  • in kindergarten

  • first year at school

  • first year middle school

  • second year middle school

Gilmore Girl test How many pairs of shoes does Lorelai own?
  • 22

  • 37

  • 45

  • 64

Gilmore Girl test Which of these Gilmore survival rules in incorrect?
  • never run with scissors

  • love for the first sigh is fake

  • no pageboy haircuts

  • don't lunch alone with Emily Gilmore

Gilmore Girl test Rory was once in jail for
  • stealing a yacht

  • underage drinking at party

  • having a joint in her backpack

  • improper language when talking to a policeman

Gilmore Girl test At what exact! time was Rory born?
  • 2:18

  • 1:01

  • 4:03

  • 7:21

Gilmore Girl test What university did Rory attend?
  • Yale

  • Harvard

  • Princeton

  • Brown

Gilmore Girl test What's the name of the hotel where Sookie is a chef?
  • Stars Hollow Lodge

  • New England Inn

  • Western Hotel of Stars Hollow

  • The Independence Inn

Gilmore Girl test What car did Emily and Richard gift her for graduation?
  • Honda Insight

  • Ford Escape

  • Toyota RAV4

  • Toyota Prius

Gilmore Girl test What's the name of Rory's father?
  • Christopher Hayden

  • Luke Danes

  • Jason Stiles

  • Max Medina

Gilmore Girl test What was Luke's nickname in high school?
  • Rookie

  • Butch

  • Frisbee

  • Bob

Gilmore Girl test True or false: Jess appears in every season.
  • true

  • false

Gilmore Girl test In what season did Rory and Logan began dating?
  • 4

  • 5

  • 6

  • 7

Gilmore Girl test Who said this: "I Want To Get The Healthy Glow Of Someone Who Consistently Goes To The Gym Without Actually Having To Go, Of Course."
  • Lorelai

  • Jess

  • Kirk

  • Richard Gilmore

Gilmore Girl test True or false: Throughout his life, Kirk has worked on no less than 45 jobs.
  • true

  • false

Gilmore Girl test Who said this: "I Don't Like Mondays But Unfortunately They Come Around Eventually."
  • Lorelai

  • Rory

  • Luke

  • Lane

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