Who Is Your Godly Parent? We Know the Answer

Godly Parent


Are you a fan of mythology? Would you like to become a part of those fantastic stories? If so, you are in the right place! If you know more about mythology stories than real-world history, I'm sure you'd like to have a godly parent yourself! At least one secret parent!

So, you are in the right place if you search for this information! We'll tell you exactly who your "magical" parent would be. Note that we haven't stopped on this quiz's most popular mythology variant. Instead, we've included various deities of the civilizations far apart.

god parent quiz

This quiz is meant to uncover which of the most popular gods and goddesses would suit your personality better as a parent Notice that we've chosen to correlate the deities and the typical traits they possess with their offspring. After all, we are meant to carry certain traits and habits of our parents!

Thus, I hope you are here to enjoy an entertaining quiz and not compare your real-life parents to the mighty gods. Though, I wouldn't be surprised if they had certain things in common! Does your mom ever feel like the mighty valkyrie when she needs things done fast and perfectly? Does your dad tend to have a look at beautiful goddesses from time to time?? Joking! (Or not, we all know the promiscuous reputation of gods!) And this is exactly that reputation that might be the driving force in your godly parent secret!

So, now, just try to imagine being transported into the ancient world of true mythology and finding out you have a god as a parent!

What Myth Godly Parent Can You Have?

god parent quiz

Let's quickly cover the mythologies we've chosen for this quiz. Unfortunately, we couldn't cover all the fascinating mythology pantheons of the varied nations. Today, we've chosen three of the most popular and diverse stories.

Greek Mythology

Of course, Greek mythology was the first candidate for its wide pantheon and intricate world-building stories.

Greek mythology is one of the most regarded in the world. Any person who's been interested in myths and ancient legends knows the major gods and events of the Greek epos. I'm sure you can name at least a dozen of Greek gods/goddesses yourself. And just as many mythological creatures!

Plus, Greek gods are widely known for siring half-human babies. So, a Greek deity is your best chance of acquiring a godly parent.

Egyptian Mythology

Ancient Egypt is the source of many mysteries and diverse cultures. It was one of the first ancient civilizations to reach the heights of such magnificence. And though Egypt was influenced by the conquering Greeks and Romans at certain points, it retained its rich mythology in its unique state. Such, you have the full picture of world creation, major gods, and their stories.

Hindu Mythology

Considering the vast expanse of the Hindu religion, we couldn't omit its mythological deities. The only issue may come with the huge animal influence of the Hindu pantheon, but we all know how powerful the deities are and how prone they are to transformation.

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