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The Golden Trio is the central point of the Harry Potter series. Though only Harry is the main character, you get so used to Ron and Hermione that they become an integral part of the series. Without their help, Harry may be still lost somewhere his second year without the hopes of defeating Voldemort. Where would he be without his friends? Not far. This is why this Golden Trio quiz is so important. If you know Ron's and Hermione's contribution well, we can save the Wizarding World from the Dark Lord.

Most of the fans come to the conclusion that Harry's strength is in his friends and the support he gets. Though he and Voldemort are often compared, with being orphans, having mixed muggle-wizard families, and being treated as an anomaly by Dumbledor, they follow drastically different paths.

Here is a piece of unpopular opinion! There is a chance, if Tom Riddle was not treated with suspicion at the start, if Dumbledor allowed himself to get closer to Tom, there may be no Voldemort whatsoever. Who knows what would become of Tom Riddle if he had a bit of parental guidance and love as a pre-teen. This is the question for the fan's imagination only. Unfortunately, there seems to be no other way of answering this question as J.K.Rowling is not in a hurry to write a prequel concerning this particular Dark Lord. Though we all would love to read one

Here are a few things and facts about Ron and Hermione that may be of interest to you:

The Golden Trio

Why is it a Trio?

Could Harry not be the hero alone? What would be if the Golden Trio has not met?

This is a question that has many of the universe uncertain. Would Harry's story develop the same if he had not met two such loyal friends?

Some would say yes, others would deny it.

Frankly, we don't know how the story would develop. We have no ideas where Harry would end up at the end of his first year, let alone the Battle of Hogwarts without the help of these two.

Ron and Hermione are the support that Harry needs to come through all these challenges. In part, he admits that mostly he's "had help with all that stuff." That help also includes some of his teachers, but mostly the duo that follows him on all those adventures.

Why they are perfect together

The Trio makes for the perfect dynamics. They all represent their specific qualities but also possess the standard Gryffindor valor that is the inner strength necessary for a true Gryffindor.

While Hermione is the brains of the operations, Harry is the moving force, and Ron is the perfect support with all his knowledge of the Wizarding world and loyalty towards his friends (with a few exceptions, of course.)

Combined, they are a force to be reckoned with. And many Death Eaters know not to mess up with modern teenagers.

Now, are you ready to embrace the full force of the Golden Trio Trivia?

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