A Friends Quiz That Only Hardcore Fans Can Pass

By: Denis Priesnov
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Has it been long since you've taken a Friends quiz?

Friends is an iconic TV series that is quoted even a dozen years after its finale. The show has given all of us 6 amazing TV friends who can support us even in the toughest situations

They are there for us!

This series has a humor that is close to many of us. Moreover, the whole generation grew up with Friends on their screens. Many of us have seen each episode at least a couple of times. Some stumble upon it on TV and get stuck watching the rest of the episode, others like to rewatch the series on their Netflix and Chill time. But the hardcore fans know that Friends create the best background noise while we are busy with other tasks.

We are still watching Friends in 2023. And how could we not? Many know its episodes by heart. Friends are easy to fall in love with.

The Beauty of Friends

What is the secret of this show though? Why are so many people hooked?

One of the reasons for its popularity is the ease to relate to the characters and situations. And while not everything in the show is realistic (mostly the big apartments and constant chit chat in the coffee house), each of us can find themselves in one of such situations. Besides, the characters themselves are written perfectly. (Soon to come: Which character from Friends are you?) 

Monica. This girl may be a bit too much at times, but we all need a serious "mother hen" in our lives. Her hospitality and love are the glue that holds the group together. Monica is the pillar of this friendship. She could unite people so different in a tight circle of devoted friends.

Ross. It's a known fact that people "love to hate" Ross, but we hold warmer feelings towards this character. As none of us is perfect, it's easy to understand Ross' motivation in most cases, even if we don't agree with him.

Rachel. If you are a girl, you'd probably want to be somewhat like Rachel - popular, pretty, with a great sense of style. She may be naive and spoiled, but it's heer character that undergoes the most growth during the seasons. From a rich brat to a successful woman and loving mother.
hardest friends trivia
Chandler. Who of us doesn't love the sarcastic Chan Chan Man? His forte is sarcasm, his weakness is advise. From the man afraid of commitment due to childhood trauma, Chandler has grown into a family man with a beautiful wife and two kids.

Phoebe. Phoebe is that quirky friend that makes our lives interesting and more unpredictable. Her jolly nature and love for friends overpower any distance that may be between them. A bit of an outsider with a strange life (we still don't know everything about it), she became a crucial part of it.

Joey. While Monica is the glue of the group, we'd like to appoint Joey the role of its heart. His mostly childish behavior makes him a "dear" of the group. He's like a kid of the family and brings warm smiles to our faces.

Friends quizzes are fun! Would you like more?

P.S. Have you ever quoted Friends in real life? How often do you find yourself in similar situations?

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A Friends Quiz That Only Hardcore Fans Can Pass Questions

friends quiz What is Chandler's job before he switches to advertising?
  • exploratory data analysis

  • statistical analysis and data reconfiguration

  • transponding

  • transponster!

friends show quiz Which of these girls did not have a date with Ross?
  • Angela

  • Julie

  • Janice

  • Cheryl

friends show quizzes Who is the oldest of Greene sisters?
  • Amy

  • Rachel

  • Jill

friends quiz Which of these is not said by Chandler?
  • I make jokes when I’m uncomfortable.

  • I’m not great at the advice. Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment

  • I wish I could, but I don’t want to.

  • Until I was 25, I thought that the only response to ‘I love you’ Was ‘Oh, crap!

friends trivia quiz What's the name of Rachel's father?
  • John

  • Robert

  • Charles

  • Leonard

friends phoebe quiz Phoebe has a mysterious past. Which of these is not true?
  • she lived with an albino man named Sidney

  • she stabbed a cop

  • she lived in a burnt-out Buick

  • she mugged Ross

friends series quiz When is Ross' birthday?
  • April 22

  • February 16

  • May 5

  • October 18

friends chandler quiz At the season 8 Halloween party, what was Joey's costume?
  • Superman

  • Cowboy

  • “Chandler”

  • Dr. Ramoray 

friends trivia quizzes True or false: Phoebe is an avid vegetarian, she only eats meat while pregnant.
  • true

  • false

friends chandler quiz What's Chandler's favorite childhood book?
  • The Tale of Peter Rabbit

  • The Velveteen Rabbit

  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

  • Winnie-the-Pooh

friends trivia quiz What's the name of the owner of Central Perk?
  • Gunther 

  • Terry

  • Chris 

  • Joshua

friends quizzes What's Susan's occupation?
  • writing

  • architecture

  • advertising

  • personal trainer

friends monica quiz Who was Monica's prom date?
  • Roy Gublik 

  • Chip Matthews   

  • Ross Geller 

  • Timothy Burke

friends phoebe songs Which of these is not one of Phoebe's songs?
  • Sticky Shoes

  • Jingle Bitch 

  • Christmas Robber 

  • Little Black Curly Hair

friends joey quiz How many sisters does Joey have?
  • 7

  • 9

  • 10

  • 11

friends chandler quiz Who would win in a fight? Ross or Chandler?
  • Ross

  • Chandler

  • they are equally strong (or weak?)

friends trivia quiz For the friends' first Thanksgiving together, Monica made three kinds of potatoes. Which is the odd one?
  • whipped with peas and onions

  • mashed potatoes with lumps 

  • bacon and cheese mashed potatoes 

  • tater tots

friends trivia quizzes Why do the Geller parents dislike Chandler?
  • they thought he was gay 

  • they didn’t like his sense of humor

  • they thought he was smoking pot 

  • they didn’t like him around Monica 

friends rachel quiz What rumor did the "I Hate Rachel" club spread about the girl?
  • that she slept with the transfer student from Thailand

  • that she had a nose job 

  • that Rachel’s parents had her cleaning on a farm each summer 

  • that she was half male/half female 

friends Phoebe quiz How many colors does Phoebe's bedroom have? (According to her "Colors" Song)
  • 50

  • 66

  • 35

  • 48

friends ross quiz Which of these names was not vetoed as a possible name for Emma?
  • Julie

  • Sandrine

  • Thatcher 

  • Isabella

friends monica quiz Finish this phrase: Fine, judge all you want to, but [to Ross] married a lesbian, [to Rachel] left a man at the altar, [to Phoebe] fell in love with a gay ice dancer, [to Joey] threw a girl's wooden leg in the fire, [to Chandler]...
  • kissed best friend’s girlfriend

  • desperate for love 

  • live in a box

  • dated Janice 

friends trivia quiz Ross or Russ: "You could not be more wrong. You could try... but you would not be successful."
  • Ross

  • Russ

friends quizzes Continue the story: Years ago, I was backpacking across Western Europe...
  • Across the lake I saw a beautiful woman, bathing herself.

  • My eyes caught a sight of incredible beauty in the rays of the rising sun.  

  • I was just outside of Barcelona, hiking in the foothills of mount Tibidabo

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