This Harry Potter Character Quiz Is Closed for Muggles. Only Wizards Can Pass. Part 1

Harry Potter Characters Pt. 1


This Harry Potter quiz will reveal your status among the Wizarding World fans. This is a universe that unites millions of people around the world in their love for magic. And a good adventure story.

Though the Harry Potter series is created for kids, we’ve been proving for years that adults find it just as great and fun. Many people have grown alongside these books and got to enjoy the movies throughout their lives. Today, we have a special appreciation for the world of Harry Potter as it grows and expands with us. Up to this day, we find new details and stories within the universe. This is partly thanks to the development of the Fantastic Beasts movies, partly to attentive fans who discover something unexpected in the books we thought we knew to the dot.

Harry Potter Characters

The most incredible part of the series is its characters and their diversity. Harry Potter characters fill the universe with their unique personalities. Surprisingly, most of them are highly relatable to the fans. Have you ever found yourself studying rigorously like Hermione or having an appetite of the “Ron on Christmas Feast” magnitude? There are times when we feel like Snape and would like to hide in a dungeon from the annoying people. Or better love dearly our "one and only". Always.

All these characters teach us invaluable lessons that are important to learn as kids and be reminded of as adults. Such as how to ask for help, how to love, how to accept other people, and, most importantly, yourself. These are the lessons that go beyond the Golden Trio and are shown by side characters through their own stories and backgrounds. Book readers would be informed on that better, of course. There's certainly no movie that can indulge in side characters in the same depth. Yet, the movies have done a good job by adding a variety of Wizarding people to the story.

Test Your Knowledge

This Harry Potter character quiz can be taken by people who’ve only watched movies, but book knowledge is a bonus that can help to identify them with ease. How well do you know the kids and adults of the Harry Potter world? Are you ready to find out how much of a fan you are?

Note that we’ve included no Fantastic Beasts characters to this HP quiz as they are many and, thus, deserve a trivia of their own.

P.S. Considering the great number of students and adult wizards portrayed in the movies, we’ve decided to make this a 2-part quiz to cover the most interesting side characters you should know. Also, if you wish to take the second part of the quiz, you can find it following this link: Harry Potter Character Quiz Part 2. For fellow Ravenclaws and everybody interested in the house, we have a brand new Ravenclaw trivia quiz.