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This is the first question you will hear when meeting a fellow HP fan. Sometimes, even before they learn your name! The audacity of these wizards, right? But can you blame us for the fascination for such a magical world?

The "House question" is among the most popular topics discussed among the fans. But the real wizards dig deeper into the lore and stories of each House and its founder.
The whole "wizarding community" is buzzing with various tests to determine your House and the debates on which one is better. Yet, we all agree that every House is great! The community is accepting and respectful of all Houses. The founders have created our favorite school united, after all.

This ultimate Ravenclaw quiz includes some of the most fascinated trivia about House history and its residents. Their life stories, choices, and achievements all come with the great vibes of uniqueness, wit, and acceptance. For this house is more than a group of know-it-alls. They are highly accepting of your individuality, maybe even more than the friendliest Hufflepuffs, who knows. You can be as eccentric as Luna or as sporty as Cho Chang, and still be a valuable part of the House.
This Hogwarts House quiz will show you that Ravenclaws are capable of great acts bravery, ambitiousness, and friendship. In the Harry Potter universe, the pillars of each House are people. Thus, we've included some information about the notable representatives of the House. After all, a knowledge-hungry Ravenclaw would know about the deeds of their friend and ancestors. Those who experiment, create, and innovate.
We are sure that you know all the major details of the Wizarding universe, as all the fans do. The main story has been discussed for years to the point that some of us remember it better than the main heroes would.

But how well do you know the history of your own House and its members? And if you are a friendly member of another House, Hogwarts: A History should be your complete guide to all the houses of the great Hogwarts. But would you love it as much as Hermione does? Let check whether you have to attend a few History of Magic lessons with Professor Binns, shall we?

Disclaimer: All the Ravenclaw trivia we use if from either one of these sources: Harry Potter movies and books, accompanying publications, J.K. Rowling official Harry Potter website, and other official media materials. All the information given in official materials is considered canon, unless specified otherwise in the main Harry Potter book series.

Members of all Houses are welcome to test their skills in this Harry Potter House quiz. However, those who are not Ravenclaw can expect separate quizzes dedicated to each of their House in the upcoming weeks. Thus, you have time to prepare for yours!

You are welcome to share your results and love for the Ravenclaw house in the comments section. For more Harry Potter fun, visit our character quizzes Harry Potter character quiz Pt.1 and Harry Potter Character quiz Pt 2.

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The Hardest Ravenclaw Quiz Questions

hp quiz What are Ravenclaw colors?
  • blue and silver

  • blue and bronze

  • blue and gold

ravenclaw quiz Who was meant to bring Helena Ravenclaw home after she ran away?
  • Bloody Baron

  • Cuthbert Binns

  • Nearly-Headless Nick

  • Edmund Grubb

ravenclaw characters Who of these wizards/witches was not in the Ravenclaw House?
  • Laverne de Montmorency

  • Xenophilius Lovegood

  • Bridget Wenlock

  • Ignatia Wildsmith

ravenclaw test Professor Flitwick was one of the few hatstall cases for the Sorting Hat. What was his other appropriate house?
  • Slytherin

  • Gryffindor

  • Hufflepuff

hogwarts ravenclaw quiz Who did most Ravenclaws support during the Triwizard Tournament?
  • Cedric Diggory

  • Harry Potter

ravenclaw house quiz What statue stands next to the door to Ravenclaw dormitories.
  • Helena Ravenclaw

  • Rowena Ravenclaw

  • Merlin

  • Morgana

ravenclaw character quiz Which Ravenclaw wizard/witch is famous for wearing a jellyfish hat and sleeping in a room with Auguries.
  • Myrtle Warren

  • Sybill Trelawney

  • Chester Davies

  • Uric the Oddball

ravenclaw quiz During her participation in the Battle of the Department of Mysteries, Luna Lovegood fought alongside and protected…
  • Ron and Ginny

  • Harry and Hermione

  • Ginny and Hermione

  • Neville and Ginny

parry potter ravenclaw What color did Luna Lovegood wear to Bill and Fleur's wedding meaning "to bring luck"?
  • pink

  • yellow

  • green

  • lavender

horcrux quiz What Horcrux is meant to represent the Ravenclaw house?
  • The Riddle Diary

  • The Diadem

  • The Cup

  • Nagini

harry potter quiz Which of these is absent from Lockhart's list of achievements?
  • long-time recruit of Most Extraordinary Society of Potioneers

  • Order of Merlin, Third Class

  • five-time winner of Witch Weekly's Most Charming Smile Award

  • Honorary Member of the Dark Force Defense League

harry potter quiz Which of the Patil twins was sorted into Ravenclaw?
  • Padma

  • Parvati

ravenclaw riddle test Answer this Ravenclaw entrance riddle: "Which came first, the phoenix, or the flame?"
  • "Both are one."

  • "The flame is the end effect, not the cause."

  • "A circle has no beginning."

harry potter house quiz Which of these Ravenclaw students was not in Harry's year?
  • Terry Boot

  • Mandy Brocklehurst

  • Cho Chang

hp houses In the Philosopher's Stone, what place did Ravenclaw take at the House Cup competition?
  • first

  • second

  • third

  • fourth

hp ravenclaw quiz In what tower is Ravenclaw common room located?
  • Astronomy Tower

  • Clock Tower

  • North Tower

  • Ravenclaw Tower

ravenclaw quiz Which of these views can be seen from the Ravenclaw common room?
  • the Quidditch pitch

  • the Forbidden Forest

  • the lake

  • the Herbology gardens

  • all of the above

ravenclaw house Which of these in not a canon Ravenclaw trait?
  • individuality

  • wit

  • leadership

  • creativity

ravenclaw quiz What is the birthplace of Ravenclaw founder?
  • fens of Eastern England

  • wild moor in England

  • glens of Scotland

  • broad valleys of Wales

harry potter house quiz True or false: Rowena Ravenclaw did come up with the plan for the ever-changing floor.
  • true

  • false

harry potter ravenclaw house Who stole Rowena's famous wisdom-enhancing relic?
  • her sister

  • her lover

  • her daughter

ravenclaw quiz Filius Flitwick has a dash of non-human blood in his ancestry. Whose is it?
  • giant

  • goblin

  • house elf

  • werewolf

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