The Hardest Hufflepuff Quiz

The Hardest Hufflepuff Quiz


Welcome to the last Hogwarts House Quiz we've been all waiting for! Hufflepuff won't be left behind. This is the House of some of the most friendly students in the whole school. Thank you for your patience! Be sure to share your results in the comments section to compare how well we know Hufflepuff and its students.

Hufflepuff History

The history of the Hufflepuff House is long and full of interesting people. Though we all wish to know more about the Badger House, books are lacking in this regard. We get to meet the Hufflepuff students of Harry's year but do not dive deeper into the famous alumni and their stories. The few names that we've discovered in the companion materials are rather intriguing.

The founder of the House, Helga Hufflepuff was a witch of great heart and skills. The establishment of Hogwarts was the crucial step in the history of the British Wizarding World. Helga introduced friendship and loyalty to the Hogwarts grounds. As the most kind among the founders, she was accepting all kinds of students. Without prejudice for muggles and muggle-born, Hufflepuff continued to gather the friendliest people. Interestingly, it has not become a place of only muggle-borns and half-bloods. Quite a few pure-blood families attended Hufflepuff. Among the most notable is the Abbott family that is one of the Sacred Twenty-Eight.

During the years Harry Potter attended Hogwarts, Hufflepuff was generally more loyal to the Gryffindor House rather than Slytherin with the exception of few cases. The most notable was the rivalry between Harry Potter and Cedric Diggory during the Triwizard Tournament. It's worth mentioning though that even the members of his own House did not believe Harry at the moment.

At the Battle of Hogwarts, Hufflepuff showed a unanimous decision to fight against the Dark Forces. The only other House to do so is Gryffindor.


Badger Pride

Being a Hufflepuff is one of the greatest things that can happen to a wizard. Though the badgers are often underestimated, their hard work and great friends make their years in Hogwarts fun and cozy. You can hardly find such a close-knit House in any other Wizarding school in the world.

Did you know that even J.K.Rowling herself considered Hufflepuff her favorite Hogwarts House? That adds even more value to its members.

Traditionally, Hufflepuff students are considered to be great at Herbology. The Head of the House, Pomona Sprout, being the ultimate representation of the trait.

Despite the general belief that Hufflepuff is under-represented in the Wizarding World, we meet a lot of its students. The recent introduction of the famous Magizoologist Newt Scamander has only increased people's interest in the House.

Ready? Go!

Are you ready for the Hardest Hufflepuff Quiz? Can you name the most famous of its students? If yes, you are welcome to the Hufflepuff common room. If you know how to get there, of course.

This Quiz will determine your knowledge of the House and its mysteries.

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