The Hardest Slytherin Quiz

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 Continuing our Harry Potter quizzes, we'd like to present to you the ultimate test of your Slytherin knowledge. Any members of the House here? Sure they are. How can you miss a moment of House pride?

Slytherin is a highly controversial House that has gained a bit of bad reputation over the years of Hogwarts' existence. But is it truly so?

Slytherin Case Study

Surely, we cannot blame the whole House for the mistakes of a few of its members? The fandom is unanimous in one opinion - not all Slytherin members are bad. The roots of its ill reputation lie in its Founder beliefs and actions. Salazar Slytherin held strong prejudice against muggle-borns which became the reason for the falling apart of Hogwarts founders. Over the years, Slytherin students became known for their belief in blood supremacy. The reason were the actions of a few pure-blood families attending Slytherin. The enrollment of the Dark Lord to the House only added to the fire.

In reality, the common Slytherin traits are not evil in nature, the people can just easily ?orrupt them. Ambitiousness and resourcefulness are great qualities to have in the Wizarding world. Cunning may be used for good as well. The tendency to self-preservation may cast a darker shade on Slytherin members but quite a few House characters proved to be capable of self-sacrifice.

Slytherins may not be known for their friendliness, but they are devoted to their small circle of friends and can be very loyal.
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Slytherin Through the Ages

In this Slytherin House quiz, we mention not only the history of the House and its main traits. We have focused on its most prominent members and the great founder. As Slytherin is known to be the trademark House for many wizarding dynasties, we've covered some of these lineages and their notable moments.

Slytherin history is rich and amply covered in the books and supporting materials. Since Hogwarts' creation and to the years of Harry Potter adventures, it has become home to many a notable wizard. In some cases, the House name is the only thing uniting them. In other cases, their choices, beliefs, and life stories and incredibly similar.

Disclaimer: The world of Harry Potter fully belongs to J.K.Rowling. We are merely gathering but of the enticing Slytherin history and its members. Our aim to provide the devoted fans of the franchise with unlimited entertainment as we all not ready to say goodby to the world of witchcraft and wizardry.

Quiz Time

We have gathered the essential information about all Slytherin from the main book series and accompanying editions, movies, games, and other official media formats, as well as the J.K. Rowling website and interviews. We consider all the sources canon if not specified otherwise in the book series.

We hope that this Slytherin quiz will test and enrich your knowledge about this controversial yet exciting House and the most notable members to attend it. With love for Hogwarts Unity!

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