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By: Denis Priesnov
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Homestuck is one of the most interesting online phenomena of the decade. It's a wide net of webcomics, games, memes, and a huge community. If you are a fan of Homestuck, you've probably wanted to know what your mythological role (a.k.a. classpect) would be in Sburb.

If so, you've found the right place! Today, we'll be taking the popular human classpects as the base for the quiz. Considering that you are a human (at least, I hope so), we'll be asking this bunch of classpects to find your powers and calling.

We'll be taking a look at the following Homestuck classpects.   
homestuck classpect quiz

Heir of Breath

Hair = surrounded by its inherits
Breath = bonds and relations

Combined, the aspect and the class create a unique character (in the Homestuck characters version, John Egbert) who can control the wind and the aspect related to them, like a breeze or a tornado. Moreover, they can turn into wind themselves.

These are natural leaders with a kind heart.

Seer of Light

Seer = guide through knowledge
Light = knowledge or light itself

Combined, a seer of light turns out to be sensitive to magic and can see magic cue balls. This person (Rose LaLonde in Homestuck) follows the path of knowledge and enlightenment. If you get this role, you are the mysterious librarian of sorts.

Knight of Time

Knight = weapon
Time = fate, progression

Combined, knight and time result in a weaponized classpect who can manipulate time and sense alterations. This is a highly skilled classpect in everything concerning time, from mental time traveling to rewinding an object's timeline. In Homestuck, it was Dave Strider; not it can be you, a great time traveler.

Witch of Space

Witch = manipulator
Space = creativity and imagination

Combined, we get Jade Harley. Known for dream self-awakening and frog breeding. This classpect is more inclined toward space manipulations, such as changing the size of objects and momentum. In some instances, with the ability of teleportation.

Maid of Life

Maid = keeper of the order
Life = living, energy, and fun

Combined, this is a classpect represented by Jane Crocker. The abilities are impressive! The most exciting is the resurrection of the dead. Necromancy is a powerful tool but can only be done once a year (as far as we know, at least. On the other side is the creation of life. Both are similar yet different.

Page of Hope

Page = creation
Hope = belief

Combined, this classpect is for the one who uses the raw power of Hope. This person comes with minimal power at the start and swiftly develops their great potential. "Vaguely described the ability to make things real via Hope." Their Hope field can serve both for offense and defense.

Rouge of Void

Rouge = hnorable thief
Void = secret

Combined, a rouge of the Void can sleepwalk through the Void and redistribute it to existing objects. The person of this classpect can steal the abstraction of nothingness from concepts, thus making them "not nothing." Plus, it's a great confusion artist.

Prince of Heart

Prince = destroyer
Heart = soul, identity

Combined, we get a grim class that does destroy through the soul. "Able to rip the soul out of a person's body to destroy or banish it." Dirk Strider in Homestuck.

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