How Many Camels Am I Worth?

By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 7 months ago
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How many camels am I worth? This is not the question that we often ask ourselves. However, it appears that this is a popular question on TikTok nowadays. People do want to know how many camels they cost! And you know what, if people want to know something, we'll gladly offer them a quiz for that!

So, inspired by the popular social trend, we've prepared a more in-depth quiz that judges your strong and weak sides and determines your value in camels. That's an exciting notion if I know one.
But why camels?

Why Exactly Camel Calculator?

There is a tradition of "buying a bride" in many cultures. Considering that the tradition goes way back to the times without modern money buying something was more like trading. And each region had its valuable goods that could be accepted as a form of payment. In some countries, silk and spices were valued. In others - livestock. Some praised horses!

I guess the notion of evaluating in camels comes from the dream of exotic sheiks stealing you away to live in the hot paradise, right? At least, this is what I imagine when the price comes in camels.
how many camels am i worth

How Much is Camel Worth?

However, there is a small catch when evaluating people in camels - these animals come with different price tags depending on your location. The cheapest can be found in Africa and Middle East countries such as Egypt, where they come around several hundred dollars. Countries with camels only in zoos will see the price raised 10 or even 100 times! So you may easily see a camel priced at $10,000-20,000 in some countries!

Thus, this quiz is very subjective to your location. It also means that you'll cost differently in different countries. Let's not take it to heart then, okay?

How Many Camels Is My Boyfriend Worth?

If you wonder this question, you might be ready to whisk him away and build your family together, right? Anyway, you can learn the "price number" just for fun here!

But how is it calculated? What affects the number? Such criteria as height, weight, body type, age, eyes color, hair color, and so on are usually taken into account. Also, we've incorporated such questions as intelligence and independence. You'll find many questions beyond the standard physical aspects that dominate TikTok and the official camel quiz. I, as a creator, believe that modern society has to choose significant others based on more than just physical appearance.
how many camels am i worth

How Many Camels Is My Girlfriend Worth?

Basically, women are assessed even more on their physical features than men! So, for them, you'll find more questions about their body types and measurements. This is sad, yes, but that is the truth of our society. Women are judged more on their appearance than men. However, in this quiz, you'll find that everybody is assessed both according to their physical and mental abilities and characteristics without discrimination!

When you already know how many camels you are worth, how about finding your Alignment Character?

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