How to Tell if a Girl Likes You? Check the signs!

Does she like me?


How to tell if a girl likes you? If you’ve ever wondered about this question, you are one of the millions of people on Earth trying to find the key code to women’s behavior. Even girls themselves don’t know it to the full extent. Thus, you’ll surely require some help from this quiz to get to the bottom of things. 

As you’ve probably already guessed from your fries to read HER behavior, understanding a woman is hard. She may like you but be too shy to express it. Or she may be flirting but only just for a bit of entertainment, nothing serious in mind. Here comes the most important rule to follow when trying to determine whether a girl likes you back. 

Take context to mind.

In this girl quiz, we discuss and point a few subtle signs that a girl likes you. You answer them and get a result with high probability, but there is no 100% evidence of how to sympathize unless we meet her. You also should pay attention to all these signs and subtle hints when meeting with them next time. However, be mindful of the general situation to get precise results.

Similar signs can vary drastically in different situations. For example, when a girl stares at you in a friendly situation while you all are chatting with friends, she’s probably interested. Usually, she would avert her eyes when caught. However, if she stares at you at a parking lot with a serious face, you may be merely blocking her way. 

Similarly, touches can be confusing. Some people are more open to physical contact, while others keep their hands to themselves even when they like a person. If you are joking around and she “bro-punches” you on the arm while laughing, this MAY be an attraction. But if you’ve done something bad or upset her, she may be just expressing her disappointment. 

Another important tip:

Take notice of her friends.

If she has close girlfriends, chances are they already know about you. Thus, they know whether she likes you or not for sure. And they won’t stay impartial, believe me! If they like you, they’ll make googly eyes and be smirking when you two are together. Some of the most straightforward would put some innuendos in the conversation. 

If they don’t lie to you (that’s not a good sign, but they help to reveal her sympathy as well), they’ll be shooting pointers at you and be all frowning. Now, not all friends are as open, but if you notice strange behavior, be sure that something weird is going on. 

Now, are you to find out whether the girl of your dreams likes you or not? This love quiz will give you a hint about her feelings!

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