Ilvermorny Sorting Quiz

Ilvermorny Quiz


The wizarding universe of J.K. Rowling continues to expand years after the Harry Potter books finale. The vast world of magic that has covered mostly Great Britain in the past (and some parts of Europe) has grown to cover America as well. In the new Fantastic Beasts movies, we got to see the wizards and witches of the U.S.A. and their customs. As expected, such a large continent has to have its school of magic. And we offer you an Ilvermorny quiz for American School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
Are you ready to get sorted into yet another school? Then what are you waiting for?  

Right, let’s start from the beginning. You must have many questions about this new addition to the universe, even if you are a devoted fan. 

In the new movies, we learn about the existence of the American school for magically gifted people. Queenie and Tina take great pride in their alma mater, just as all Hogwarts students do. To sate the curiosity of excited fans, J.K.Rowling revealed the houses as the sister on Twitter. But more on that later.

Now, before going through this Ilvermorny sorting quiz, let’s take a look at the history of Ilvermorny to refresh our knowledge. 

Ilvermorny History

The history of this American school begins in Ireland and is closely connected to one Hogwarts House. It may be a strange beginning, but the story is fascinating. 

Meet Isolt Sayre, the descendant of the powerful Salazar Slytherin. Raised by the cruel aunt, Gormlaith Gaunt, the girl would grow to hate her life in the captivity of a pure-blood fanatic responsible for her parents’ death. The girl was forbidden from joining Hogwarts after her 11th birthday. Instead, she stayed with her aunt, watching as the latter curses Muggled. Tired of the cruelty, Isolt steals Gormlaith’s magic wand and runs away to America. There, she created a new family with two lost boys, Chadwick and Webster, and a No-Maj James Stewart. 

Fascinated by Hogwarts from her childhood, Isolt established the first school for witches and wizards in America, Ilvermorny. Similarly, it was divided into four Houses, each to represent the member of the family. The four of them named each House after their favorite animal. However, in time, they acquired the characteristics of each “founder” as well. 

And thus, we have the following House: the Horned Serpent for Isolt, Pukwudgie for James, Thunderbird for Chadwick, and Wampus for Webster. 

At first, it was a small home school for the boys and a few other children living nearby. In time, it grew and expanded. And soon, a small granite house grew to be a whole castle that gathered the children of North America. 

In time, it became a safe haven for all the wizards in the land. 

What Ilvermorny House Am I?

So, after hearing the history of this wizarding school, are you ready to take our Ilvermorny House quiz? We hope you can find a great house to compliment your Hogwarts chosen family. 

P.S. As for the Goldstein sisters, we know that Queenie was sorted into Pukwudgie and Tina Thunderbird!

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