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My Hero Academia is a Japanese manga and anime series that has become one of the decade's best titles. Created by the famous K?hei Horikoshi, this story focuses on young heroes in training and their challenging journey to mastering their skills. MHA characters go through a through tough school to learn the power they possess and become true heroes from within.


The author has masterfully created a whole new world so similar yet different from our own. It is full of superpowers, called Quirks, and people born with them have a chance to acquire an unusual profession - becoming a licensed Hero! And while they have become commonplace in that world, the audience will be interested in the young students.
The U.A. high school that teaches the youth to master the skills is meant to gather the country's most talented people through a series of the toughest exams. And the tests they face are harsh and dangerous. Would you be able to pass them? We are sure you would be great at any obstacle placed by the school faculty! Just as our main BnHA characters.
If you are new to the series, let us introduce Izuku Midoriya. He is a smart boy born with no Quirk. With a heart of gold, he dreams of becoming a true hero, and even his Quirkless nature will not stray him from this purpose. He gets a chance to prove his worth by the greatest role model of the time, All Might. Now, we get to see how young Midoriya will deal with the new powers and his determination to become a Pro.
MHA character quiz

3 Reasons to Watch MHA

  1. Personal Development.
    Unlike many other shonen manga and anime titles, Boku no Hero Academia dives into the struggles of mastering supernatural powers. We see that the road is bumpy and not straightforward. Many other titles show us an incredible ability to control and improve powers with a strong will only. In MHA, we see the hard work done in training that is not always successful from the first try.
  2. Great Side Characters.
    Not to say that other mangas have flawed side characters, but they often flat and monotonous. The same can be said about the villains. In this anime, side characters have their moments to shine. And the villains come with their own motivations. Even the show's main cast, the closest to the front line after Izuku, is multidimensional with exciting stories and personal struggles.
  3. The Message!
    What can be more alluring in an anime than a strong message? Yes, the battles are great, but that is not something new in shonen. In this title, we get a clear message that motivates young people: You don't need to have some superpowers to be a hero. In our eyes, Midoriya was always a hero in his heart. In addition, the separate character stories come with their own messages filled with kindness, loyalty, overcoming insecurity, etc. The story is filled with grey. It is not afraid to dive into the moral dilemmas as well.
So, are you ready to take this My Hero Academia Characters quiz? TO learn who you would be in the series?

Which MHA Character Are You? Questions

which mha character are you What type of Quirk would you like to have?
  • Emitter

  • Transformation

  • Mutant 

  • my sharp mind is better than any Quirk 

which mha character are you Would you fully rely on your quirk or learn combat and other skills as well?
  • my Quirk is all I need

  • I’d like to be more versatile

which mha character are you Fight or flight?
  • fight

  • flight

mha character quiz Would you prefer to get to the Academy through official recommendations or exams?
  • recommendations

  • exams

  • I’ll master my Quirk on my own

which mha character are you What characteristics describe your personality the best?
  • kind, shy, friendly 

  • stubborn, kind, loyal

  • bitchy, sour, arrogant

  • playful, temperamental

  • intelligent, prudent, dedicated

  • mysterious, cold, crude

mha character quizzes Imagine you stumble upon an enemy clearly surpassing you in strength. Some newbie heroes are already fighting them but seem to lose. What do you do?
  • immediately rush to help them 

  • be stuck unsure of what to do 

  • leave to call for stronger help asap

  • do nothing, it’s not your problem 

which mha character are you Describe your costume
  • dark colors, somewhat scary to show how dangerous I am 

  • something to aid and boost my Quirk 

  • a simple modest costume

  • something flashy, probably skinny and skimpy 

what mha character are you What is your objective of becoming a hero?
  • prove that I’m worthy and powerful

  • money 

  • fame

  • I’d rather be a villain 

what mha character are you Which of these tests would you pass the best?
  • sprint

  • standing long jump 

  • ball throw

  • toe-touch/stretching 

what mha character are you Choose your role in a group
  • leader

  • follower

  • loner 

  • popular and pretty 

what mha character are you At what type of missions would you rather participate?
  • rescue 

  • combat 

  • nature-related missions 

  • assassination 

  • spy/gathering intel

what mha character are you What role in a hero team is yours?
  • close-range combat

  • AoE attacks 

  • support 

what mha character are you Offense or defense?
  • offense

  • defense

which my hero academia character are you Would you rather work in a team or alone?
  • in a team

  • alone

which my hero academia character are you What injuries of yours does the Recovery Girl treat most often?
  • scrapes and flesh wounds

  • consussion 

  • fainting and exhaustion 

  • hypothermia/burns 

which my hero academia character are you What UA teacher do you like the most?
  • Midnight

  • All Might

  • Aizawa

  • Nezu

  • none

which my hero academia character are you Brains or brawn?
  • brains

  • brawn

what mha character am i quiz Your nickname would be:
  • something descriptive

  • something outstanding and dangerous

  • something cute

what mha character am i quiz If you get attacked by villains during your UA exams, what would you do?
  • flee and search for help 

  • hide and try to stay safe

  • make a plan to fight them 

  • rush on offensive

what mha character am i quiz How dedicated are you to your training?
  • constant vigilance and non-stop training

  • I train regularly but still have free time

  • I train rarely but hard 

  • I’m naturally gifted, training is not necessary 

what mha character am i quiz Who of these pro heroes is the most similar to you in character, motivations, and strategy?
  • 13

  • Endeavor

  • All Might

  • Edgeshot

  • Crimson Riot

  • Midnight

  • Hawks

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