My Hero Academia Quiz

My Hero Academia Quiz


The world of anime is full of feature films, shorts, and TV series of various genres and styles. Nowadays, Japanese animation has gained popularity far outside the country. Large fan groups of anime are found all around the world. Besides, such pictures are watched not only by the fans but by regular people as well. From time to time, we all can appreciate a Japanese title that suits our tastes.

This Boku no Hero Academia quiz is meant for all who've watched the anime at least once or read the manga. And as the show is still in making, we've decided to avoid the future manga even and most of the bigger spoilers from the series not to ruin your fun.

For those who are new to the anime or still can't decide whether to watch it or not, here's the premise.

The Earth of the series differs from ours slightly. Some time ago, people had started to develop supernatural powers that were later called Quirks. Now, around 80% of the world has a Quirk. People are trained to use their powers in order to defend people from the many various Villains using their Quirks for evil deeds.

Meet a Quirkless boy with a heart of gold and determination to become a Hero no matter what. His bravery and inner strength have granted him a chance to become the new host of the most powerful Quirk called One for All. Journey with him to the Superhero academy and learn what it means to be a Pro Hero. More in this MHA quiz.

The Power of Anime

The commercial history of anime goes around a century back. Over time, this animation has formed its unique style and characteristics that would determine the genre even today. Though initially a Japanese product made for the domestic market, it has gained popularity oversee as well. Today, anime makes up the majority of Japanese Blue-Ray and DVD sales. The biggest share being sold outside the country. Surprisingly, the Japanese are not big anime fans themselves. The biggest share comes from the U.S.

Now, let's take a deeper look at the various genres present in anime overall and TV series in particular. Among the most popular ones is shonen, shojo, kodomo, ecchi, science fiction, fantasy, mecha, sports, harem, etc. The typical anime most people have watched in childhood include Sailor Moon and Naruto. These are the typical representatives of the target demographics genres: shonen for young boys and shojo for young girls.

This My Hero Academia quiz is most suitable for boys being a typical shonen. However, we all know that tastes differ and girls love it as much as the boys do.

Both the manga and its adaptation have received positive reviews from the critics and the audience. The MHA was named the best manga by the Harvey Awards last year. So, we are sure you've watched it carefully and can easily pass all these questions. If not, it's time for a rewatch! A good anime won't hurt!

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