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One Piece is arguably one of the most successful shonen series ever made. At least in Japan. It has everything an adolescent boy would want - pirates, adventures, and cool villains. Despite the longevity of the series, fans are gobbling down new episodes and chapters with the speed of light. Considering that this is the perfect volume for extensive trivia, I couldn't miss such an opportunity to indulge in the anime love of mine.

Also, a quick question for you before we start, what is your favorite arc in the anime? And what is manga? Unfortunately, I haven't read this particular manga. So, I'll just share my anime favorite for now! It may not be the most popular of all, but I like the Alabasta arc the most. This story covers some of my favorite characters, boosts the scale of the story, and has excellent action scenes.

And what arc do you prefer?

For now, I'd like to remember some of the coolest One Piece trivia facts. Some of them may be of help in the upcoming quiz! Or not. Let's just live it a secret for now.


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Yes, now One Piece has a fair share of on-screen deaths. However, did you notice that it took around 13 years for the first character to die in One Piece? That is a staggering number if you take into account that quite a few manga protagonists do kill their enemies. In shonen, that is not an everyday occasion, but it happens.

Luffy, on the contrary, prefers not to kill his opponents and instead crushes them from the inside. WHich is more merciful? That is a topic for debate.

Btw, has Luffy killed already in the manga?

Voice Actor Change

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Unfortunately, the longevity of the series means that some voice actors will not make it to the end of the story. The series was aired back in 1997 for the first time. In these 20+ years, few actors have already passed away. Among them are Kazuyuki Sogabe, Takkou Ishimori, Chikao Otsuka, Takashi Taniguchi, Ginzo Matsuo, Takeshi Aono, and Daisuke Gori.

That is a sad loss. Hearing the change in some of your favorite character's voice is an unnerving thing, especially when you consider the reason behind it.

Luffy's Scar

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Do you know the origins of Luffy's scar? If you've seen only the anime version, you'll be shocked to learn that the protagonist made it on his own! He stabbed himself under the eye to prove his courage to Shanks.

Obviously, such a gruesome scene was cut from the anime series targeted at the young audience. Although this is a fiction story, that may be perceived as a bad example for impressionable young fans.

Adult Devil Fruits

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Okay, the issue of Devil Fruit effects on male parts is the one that comes as you grow up. However, it turns out to be quite an interesting topic as the effects are too diverse! Stretching and sparkling diamond parts are intriguing, but what about the one that detaches and floats around? Sounds intriguing!

So, are you ready for the One Piece quiz or no? Here we go!

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