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Have you ever heard of the Rice Purity test before? This is quite a popular test among the youth but may not have heard about it if you are not from around Rice University. This test is meant to check its students’ purity, meaning how well or bad they behave. Would you like to find out how spoilt and screwed you are? Then check our version of a purity test. 

All kinds of purity tests have been circling around for almost a century. Most of them dwell on the matter of intimacy, decency, illegal substances, and honesty. You can find various tests with a more specific subject in mind, but the most popular kinds are the general ones that are meant to evaluate your kinkiness and your “social purity.” 

Rice Purity 

The most notable of all purity tests was created at Rice University back in 1924. The test consists of 100 questions that show the percentage of your purity. According to the Rice purity test score meaning, the purest participants would get 100 and most impure 0. It should also be mentioned that, initially, this test was distributed among the female student body. At the time, social norms dictated stricter rules for women. However, such a test would show how risky women really are. Considering the times, women with a score below 70 were deemed to be scandalous. Those with a score of 90 and above are uptight. Today, such measures are not applicable considering the change in social norms. It is hard to say what score is considered okay and what is “too much.” The intimate section of the questions has drastically changed its impact. Modern young people are free to experiment. However, the legal questions remain strict in their “good/bad” connotations. 


Since then, many different tests were created in other universities, workplaces, and online. All of them will tell you how impure you are, judging by the set of experiences in your life. Some are more drastic than others, so it all comes down to taking it lightly and not judging a person by these results alone. One test will call you impure if you don’t help the elderly to cross the street, while another will deem you a “good boy” even if you do something illegal. Remember to always take results with a grain of salt. 

And while some people are offended if the results show “impure,” others will want to look cooler and cheat a bit. When taking this Purity Test, be sure to answer truthfully to get a direct result. Also, to make sure that you feel comfortable when taking this quiz, do it alone. Thus, you’ll have no one to judge you for the results. They will be shown just to you and nobody else. This way, you’ll be calmer during the process and feel free to answer in truth. And if you are ashamed of the results, just tell nobody or change the score, no big deal. 

This alternative to Rice Purity uses an opposite scoreboard. 0% is the purest soul and 100% the most scandalous one! Be sure to remember that little detail. 

How to do this one: just check "yes" for the things you have done!

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