Rick and Morty Trivia Quiz: Can You Get 100%?



Rick and Morty season 5 was released in 2021. This year, we could finally see the continuation of one of our beloved shows!

What is your Rick and Morty season 5 feedback? I hope you've liked the new episodes. I surely did; but the finale left me with more questions than answers. Though, I suppose it means that the upcoming seasons will be all the more enjoyable.

Anyways, while we are awaiting next season (which requires a long wait), I'm offering a Rick and Morty trivia test that will remind you of the major plot points, character traits, and ridiculous decisions. You know well that there are lots of them here.

I hope you enjoy this little quiz and get a great result. Note that this is a trivia quiz that is meant to estimate your knowledge of the topic. IN this instance, the topic is Rick and Morty TV show - all seasons included. I will not ask you for some additional information that the regular audience won't know. Everything you need to master this quiz is always in the series.

If you haven't watched season 5 yet, you should take a little break and enjoy a Rick and Morty marathon. The episodes are short and few so that you can watch them in a day!

This quiz contains 22 questions; each comes with a set of four options, only one of them is correct.
But before you begin the quiz, I've wanted to discuss one crucial matter with you. Read further to find out what issue I'm talking about.

Rick and Morty Test: Versus Back to the Future

rick and morty trivia test

It's not a secret that the creators of the show have taken Back to the Future as a source of inspiration for their series. And the general idea is obviously similar. You get a slightly crazy scientist (in the case of Rick - lunatic) and a young "partner" somewhat in an adoptive nephew/grandson role. The scientist takes the boy on all kinds of adventures.

In the case of the Back to the Future franchise, we are talking about the timeline. Rick and Morty go even further and travel between planets and even dimensions. In terms of scientific achievements, Rick is way more progressive than Emmett Brown. He's creating things unthinkable!

Morty and McFly are two very different boys as well. In Morty, we see an evil part arise in the future. As the series progresses, we meet an evil Morty and watch as the main Morty becomes more bitter and aggressive with time. In comparison, Marty is more of a regular trouble-maker.

So, what is my question here? The obvious one - which is better? What series do you prefer and watch time after time? Please, share your thoughts in the comments section.

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