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By: Denis Priesnov
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 The Sex value test is a popular online quiz meant to determine your type of sexual behavior. The test was initially created and posted on the website https://sexvalues.github.io. It is based on a similar value model of political behavior and preferences. In addition, there are quite a few studies on the topic of sexual behavior types conducted throughout the centuries. Considering the high importance of the topic, we'd like to offer our take on the widespread sex values and sexual behavior types present in humans. Also, We believe you'll like a couple of other sexuality-related quizzes like My Kinks Quiz My Sexuality Quiz But what are our types? And how many are them? 


 This type of people values leadership in intimate matters and likes to retain control in it. Active people are usually dominant in their sex lives. They often initiate intimacy and are free with their expressions. 


 Contrary to the previous category, sexually passive people are submissive. It doesn't mean that they have no sex drive. Instead, they prefer to be led; they don't like to initiate sex directly. Passive people do have urges and know how to convey their desires, but they prefer to be led in the process.
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 Such a person values diversity in their sex life and is more open with their sexual encounters. Their libido is higher than on average, and they like to experiment more with different sorts of kinks and practices. Cornucopia for these people means having sex/intimacy often and never getting bored by it! These people can be both active, passive, or both simultaneously. And people who value cornucopia do not limit their sexual experiences to people they have affection for. 


 Gentle people value affection and intimacy during sex. Their kinks tend to be vanilla, and they don't have many anyway. For people who value gentleness in intimacy, sex becomes almost a spiritual process that combines two people and their souls. Gentle people would only have sex with people they have affection for. These are the four main types of sexual behavior we've decided to highlight. Of course, they are many other types of values that often work in tandem with these four. But we'll leave them for another quiz.
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How Does Sexual Values Quiz Work?

 This relatively quick test will uncover your type of intimate behavior. To calculate your likes and dislikes, estimate your preferences, and sort you into a specific category, we'll need you to answer all questions honestly. Just like in the original quiz, we'll decide to implement the "agree/disagree" system of evaluation. It is a typical assessment strategy for many psychological tests. Simply put, you'll have to answer a statement expressing whether you agree or disagree with it. There are four options for every question: 
strongly disagree disagree agree strongly agree 
Now, are you ready to find out what type of sexual behavior you have? 

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