Sexuality Quiz to Determine Your Orientation

By: Denis Priesnov
Created: 6 months ago
Determining your sexuality in modern society is no easier than it was years ago. But why is that? Despite the numerous activities and human rights organizations that support and promote freedom to explore your sexuality, society is slow to change. Besides, the introduction of new terminology can confuse anyone! (Not to mention young impressionable teenagers confused as it is). This sexuality quiz will help you sort out your habits a bit. And the following information will introduce most of the currently-accepted sexuality orientations.

What's in This Sexual Orientation Quiz? 

sexually test
Important Note: We encourage you to feel free to explore your sexuality on your terms, without feeling the need to label anything! Sexual orientation is a highly personal thing that we all experience differently. Do what suits you best and what feels comfortable!

Now, are you ready to dive into the world of terminology for a bit before the actual sexual orientation quiz? The variety of options and categories may surprise you!


This is a broad term that includes various kinds of orientations. Its meaning is being attracted to only one gender. As a result, both homosexual and heterosexual orientations are incorporated into this category. 

Am I Polysexual?

This is the complete opposite of monosexuality. The term means that a person is attracted to more than one gender, but not all. This may be confusing for many, but you'll understand the difference after hearing the variety of following terms. Besides, the number of gender variations is not less than orientations.

Am I Heterosexual?

This is what traditionally is called being straight. Heterosexual relationships are the connection between people of the opposite sex. This is an easy one; everybody knows that.

Homosexual - Am I Lesbian Quiz?

Another part of monosexual orientation is homosexual, or as you may know lesbian. This is a category that's been with us for a long time and brings no confusion.

Homosexual - Am I Gay Quiz?

Homosexual generally includes two types of sexual orientations - lesbian and gay. Some people generalize all homosexuals as gay. As far as I've noticed, people have to trouble with that.
sexualities quiz

Am I Bisexual Quiz?

Bisexuals find both men and women attractive. This is one of the most known types of polysexual orientations. You've probably already taken a bisexual quiz at some point out of interest, right?

Am I Pansexual Test?

This is quite a new term. But it has already gained popularity. Pansexual means being attracted to people of all genders. That includes transgender, androgynous, gender fluid, and so on. This is an all-encompassing orientation that means that a person sees no importance in this category and chooses a partner based on other criteria.

Am I Asexual Quiz?

Axesuals come from a whole spectrum of their own. The traditional interpretation is feeling no sexual drive at all. However, there are many variations to asexual people. For example, there is grey-A that experiences sexual attraction, but it may be very low (easy to disregard) or connected to a particular person or circumstances.

Am I Autosexual?

This term will be new to many people. Autosexuals - people sexually attracted to themselves. Their fantasies revolve around their bodies, and a mirror for a successful sexuality test is advisable.

Am I Androgynsexual?

This sexuality has no connection to one particular gender but comes in a combination of both. Androgynsexuals admire androgynous people (those who possess both female and male features). 

Am I Pomosexual?

This is the most freeing choice for modern society. Pomosexuals are those individuals who reject labeling sexuality and don't want to be identified with any label. They determine it all on their own.

So, have you learned anything new from this short (and not full at all) list? You can now process to What Is My Sexuality Quiz.

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Sexuality Quiz to Determine Your Orientation Questions

in love Your first infatuation was:
  • of the same gender 

  • of the opposite gender 

  • somewhat androgynous 

  • to someone’s intelligence, really 

sexuality quiz Your last intimate relationship was with:
  • the same gender 

  • the opposite gender 

  • non-binary gender

  • was never!

homosexual couple Have you ever felt attraction to the same gender as yours?
  • only the platonic

  • yes, once or twice 

  • yes, I do that often 

  • yes, but only because they had a great personality

  • no

sexual test The best relationship is:
  • sexual

  • romantic

  • platonic

whats my sexuality What's your opinion on heterosexual partnerships?
  • they are the best 

  • they are an outdated norm 

  • all partnerships are okay, so, positive 

  • okay, but not for me 

quiz am i bisexual Would you be okay if identified as a monosexual (being attracted to one gender)?
  • I see no problem with that 

  • it just seems to be too restricting 

  • I’m not sure about the whole “sexual” thing 

sexual orientation test Can you call yourself "gender-blind"?
  • yes

  • no

sexual orientation test Have you ever been to a gay bar?
  • yes, I’m a regular there 

  • once to satisfy my curiosity 

  • not yet but I’d love to 

  • no

sexuality quiz Do you know this flag?
  • yes

  • no

sexual orientation test How sexually active are you?
  • I’m not active yet

  • not active and doubt I’ll ever be 

  • moderately 

  • very active 

sexual orientation test How many genders do you find physically appealing?
  • one 

  • two

  • as many as there are 

  • to the point of arousal? none

test of sexuality 18+ Do you ever watch homosexual pornography?
  • yes

  • only a couple of times

  • sure, I’d watch anything interesting 

  • no

  • no, I don’t watch adult videos

test of sexuality Do your romantic/sexual fantasies revolve around only one gender?
  • yes

  • no

  • I have little to no such fantasies 

test of sexuality Have you ever felt attracted to a transgender person?
  • yes

  • no

  • no, but I suppose I can be in future 

test of sexuality Have you ever felt the pressure of following the norms of sexual orientation accepted in society?
  • yes

  • yes, all the time! 

  • no

sexual orientation test Have you ever dreamt about serious partnership of a same-sex person?
  • yes

  • I am in one

  • no

sexual orientation test Do you have queer friends?
  • yes

  • no

sexual orientation test How attractive do you find people of the opposite gender?
  • quite appealing form the aesthetic point of view

  • very appealing 

  • only a certain type

  • not really appealing 

sexual orientation test How attractive do you find people of the same gender?
  • quite appealing form the aesthetic point of view

  • very appealing 

  • only a certain type

  • not really appealing 

sexual orientation test Do you know this flag?
  • yes

  • no

sexual quiz At beach, who do you pay more attention?
  • the same sex

  • the opposite sex

  • a loud family nearby

  • to everybody cute

  • to the sea!!!

sexual quiz What football league do to find more attractive?
  • men (I'm male)

  • women (I'm male)

  • men (I'm female)

  • women (I'm female)

  • both are hot

  • non is more attractive, they are both equal

  • none, actually

  • let's talk about their skills instead

sexuality quiz Can you say that you find one gender more attractive than the other?
  • yes

  • no, they are equally attractive

  • the concept of "gender" is outdated

  • all peple can have a good heart and that is the most important thing

sexuality quiz If you were to find out that your favorite book/movie character is gay, what would you think?
  • I like them even more now (I'd hit on them if they were real)

  • I've always found them attractive

  • unexpected, but is their choice

  • what does it matter anyway?

sexuality quiz Have you watched homosexual 18+ content in the past two weeks?
  • no, I'm too young for that

  • yes

  • no

  • I all kinds of 18+ content

sexuality quiz If you are transferred to a world where only homosexual relationships are approved...
  • I'd freak out. I'll be alone there

  • perfectly fine with me

  • what about the freedom of choice?

  • hold on, we are in another world!!TF?

sexuality quiz What do you think of the American Pie movies?
  • great

  • a bit dumb but classics

  • not believable at all

  • awful

sexuality quiz Do you like diversity in your intimate life?
  • yes!

  • not much

  • not at all

what's my sexuality What's your opinion of gender fluid/queer people?
  • I fully support them but not in a romantic way 

  • negative

  • I am one of them

  • positive, I don’t pay attention to gender stereotypes, their character in more important 

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