What Is My Spirit Animal?

Your Spirit Animal


Thisspirit animal quizwill give you a deeper look into yourself. It will uncover unexpected sides of your character and help to outline your goals.

When talking about spirit animals, it's hard to determine a sole "creature" correlating to your inner world. After all, we are more complex than the dwellers of the animal kingdom. However, such a test will determine the general direction of your character and your line of thinking. If you already feel strongly connected to a particular animal, this may be an opportunity to learn another side of yourself and paint the whole "animal picture" of you.

Nowadays, we face the notion of spirit animals more and more often. You would be considered cuckoo for comparing yourself to an animal around a hundred years ago. Now, you can say that pizza is your "spirit animal," and everybody will be okay with that. Moreover, they'll understand what you mean.

That's why if you Google "what animal am I?" you get several quizzes and studies on this topic. And that's great because you can finally be sure of who you are in this complex world of uncertainty.

For those who are unsure what a spirit animal is, read the following section for better understanding.

Uncovering spirit animals

What is a spirit animal?

In some cultures, a spirit animal takes a literal meaning of a special guiding animal that protects a person throughout their lives. There are many ancient traditions of incorporating familiars and animalistic totems.

In indigenous cultures, spirit animals were as totems with symbolized a group of people, including a family or a tribe. Tribal religions have a history of thousands of years. In ancient times, each tribe had its names for guiding spirits. Unfortunately, with the extinction of the majority of pagan traditions, those names are either lost or never used anymore.

Aside from these indigenous traditions, a spirit animal term often relates to the "power animal." Unlike the guiding totems, this term derives from collecting the animalistic traditions of many cultures and offers a concept of familiar spirits. This term was introduced in 1980 by the anthropologist Michael James Harner.

The modern concept of a spirit animal is closer to the power animal that has swiftly entered pop culture. Nowadays, people discuss the animalistic representation of their character and a particular animal that they feel close to. At times, we all relate to one animal or the other by finding similar characteristics that unite us. This is precisely thespirit animal testpeople are searching for.

In an ironic sense, a modern culture spirit animal may not be an animal at all. In fiction and TV, you'll find mentions of people relating to pizza, an old TV, or anything they think about at the moment. As a result, such a pop culture ubiquity has little in common with the spiritual and indigenous beliefs. It has entered our lives as a misconception to keep its ironic meaning.

How Can You Find Your Spirit Animal?

Some people feel a strong connection to certain animals. They relate to them at another level of subconsciousness. In such cases, you can quickly determine your inner spirit animal. However, not all people find it so soon without outside help. What to do in such cases?

What is my spirit animal?

Those who are still uncertain can easily find a variety of tests online. This is a rich topic with lots of content. It covers numerous animals, their traits, and unusual ways to uncover how you relate to them. An online quiz offers a quick way to find those links and bonds, even if you don't see them yourself.

So, are you ready to learnwhat is your spirit animal? There are usually based on a set of the most prominent features and traits. Our characters are unique, but they consist of the universal characteristics that some people exhibit stronger than the others. For example, some people are born leaders; others prefer to follow. The traditional distinction between introverts and extraverts is often used when determining a spirit animal as well.

All the quizzes of this kind focus on learning your character and values to match an animal that suits you the most. Plus, we take into consideration your love for specific animals as well.

Do you already have a clue of what kind of animal you "possess"?

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