Star Wars Quiz for True Fans!

By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 4 months ago
Star Wars is a colossal franchise with millions of fans around the world. With a universe such as this, it's either mad love for the rest of your love or complete disinterest. There is no middle ground when it comes to Star Wars. And with the first movie released in 1977, we got fans of a large age span. Over the 40 plus years of its existence, the universe has gathered tons of canonical and fan-made materials to keep existing fans' interest and attract the youth. This Star Wars quiz will test your knowledge of the canonical universe that goes a bit beyond the movies but not too far that the new fans won't know the facts.

No matter when you've joined the community, you are a valuable fan, and the creator takes care to provide new material regularly. Once coming to join the community, you face tons of materials of various mediums that may soon rival Marvel in their volume. The basic advice is to start with the movies (now you have nine of them) and continue to other mediums later. For the older fans, this holiday season is the perfect time to rewatch the series. Star Wars may not bear that Christmasy-atmosphere, but you could not find a better franchise to fill up your mini vacation. 

Next time, before watching the movie to freshen up your Star Wars trivia skills, check out this list of cool hidden stuff and Easter Eggs and try to spot them in the film.

Han's Dashboard Dice

These are a big deal in both the original and the latest trilogies. Though no character even mentions them, you can clearly see them above the crew heads in Episode IV. And they make a new appearance in the Last Jedi.

A clumsy Stormtrooper

This one has been noticed by many fans. But if you haven't ever paid attention to Stormtrooper enough to spot a really clumsy one who hits his head on a Death Star when pursuing the heroes, you've missed one of the most hilarious accidents in the movies. This small mishap just makes them so relatable.

Lucas' debut reference

This is a small easter egg that only the fans of George Lucas would understand. In the first Star Wars movie, he added a little reference to his debut movie THX 1138 in the "Chewie prisoner scene," where Luke mentions cell block 1138. After that, you can find this number reference several times throughout the franchise. Can you spot them all?? Share your results in the comment section!

Delicious asteroids

The technical challenges of creating an elaborate futuristic setting in the 70s and 80s resulted in many intelligent decisions. ANd many of them are simply hilarious. Next time you watch The Empire Strikes Back, pay close attention to the asteroids flying by. Can you guess what props were used for them? They are genuinely edible! For joke's sake, the team used potatoes to imitate the asteroids. And guess what...they really look like a rock on screen.

I believe you are ready for this Star Wars test with all these small hidden details in mind.

Star Wars Quiz for True Fans! Questions

star wars quiz Which of these Jedi had their name misspelled in the script?
  • Gretz Droom

  • Sifo-Dyas

  • Aleco Stusea

  • Sabla-Mandibu

star wars quiz Which of these Star Wars creatures reproduces by spores?
  • Sarlacc

  • Blixus

  • Fluggrian

  • Blurrg

star wars quiz What is Han Solo's home planet?
  • Corellia

  • Ocahont

  • Espirion

  • Marriten

star wars quiz How many languages/forms of communication does C-3PO know?
  • 30,000

  • 100,000

  • over a million

  • over 7 million

star wars quiz Who designed the Death Star?
  • Geranite

  • Iridonian

  • Geonosians

  • Gen'Dai

star wars quiz Who kissed Leia first?
  • Han

  • Luke

star wars quiz How many Jedi Temple Guards survived the Great Jedi Purge and joined the Inquisitorius?
  • none

  • 1

  • 3

  • 50

star wars quiz On Endor, Leia was woken up by an Ewok named
  • Flitchee

  • Wicket

  • Nicki

  • Logray

star wars quiz One of these Star Wars movies was filmed entirely in the studio.
  • Revenge of the Sith

  • Return of the Jedi

  • The Empire Strikes Back

star wars quiz True or false: In the original movies, only Jedi can use Lightsabers.
  • true

  • false

star wars quiz Whose quote is this: "Why, you slimy, double-crossing, no-good swindler"?
  • Jabba

  • Han

  • Boba

  • Lando

star wars quiz What color was Sidious' lightsabers?
  • blue

  • red

  • green

  • yellow

star wars quiz When is the unofficial Star Wars Day?
  • 8/03

  • 4/05

  • 17/10

  • 21/12

star wars quiz Vader's last words to Luke?
  • I am your father

  • Leave me

  • I love you, son

  • You were right

star wars quiz What odds does Han have for successfully navigating the asteroid field?
  • 1000 to 1

  • 1,111 to 1

  • 3,720 to 1

  • 4,855 to 1

star wars quiz What color are Chewbacca's eyes?
  • hazel

  • blue

  • green

  • black

star wars quiz How many times did Boba Fett fight Darth Vader?
  • 1

  • 2

  • 10

  • fought? never!

star wars quiz Which Star Wars movie gained the most Academy awards?
  • A New Hope

  • Return of the Jedi

  • The Force Awakens

  • The Empire Strikes Back

star wars quiz Which of these battles happened first?
  • Occupation of Bespin

  • Battle of Endor

  • Sith Civil War

  • Subjugation of Geonosis

star wars quiz Which of these characters did not participate in the Battle of the Great Pit of Carkoon?
  • Luke Skywalker

  • Han Solo

  • C-3PO

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi

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