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By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 8 months ago
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We can be more relaxing than switching on Netflix after a long day and enjoying your favorite TV show? School and work are forgotten as you escape this boring reality. Unless it's The Office. The sitcom brings you back to the office life you want to escape. Are we really watching the office life when relaxing at home? Do we know those characters even better than our real colleagues?

Yes, and that's why!

This The Office quiz takes the task of finding your inner workplace character. Though the sitcom is full of crazy situations and over-the-top characters, there's still a Jim or a Dright in every office. Who are you in a busy working life? Or who you'll become after graduation? You never know until you watch The Office.

This mockumentary has managed to show us the workplace as it is by the means of hyperbolizing its every aspect. Though we may find many of the episodes over the top, they capture the essence that we all can relate to.

The white-collar culture in the series was meant to replicate the tone of the British namesake. However, it was clear that the American audience required something else, a unique approach. In a couple of seasons, after trial and error, The Office (U.S.) acquired its own style of workplace catharsis. It took a more optimistic tone and, ultimately, a slapstick form of comedy.

Throughout the seasons, the show's characters were creating meaningful social connections with their coworkers. In some cases, even romantic. The ultimate love story of the office showed us the most realistic take on relationships in TV history. It's not perfect but we are all in love with it.

The Office trivia textbook is not an accurate guide of survival in the corporate world, but we all would prefer this way.

In the end, the individual stories of the main characters surpassed the general premise and became the show's undoing. Yet, the audience keeps fond memories of the crazy Office pranks and calamities.

Character Analysis

Do you have a favorite The Office character? We bet you do!

Taking this Office quiz will uncover what role you'd take in the sitcom. Be prepared, it may shock you. Even though we'd like to resemble our favorite characters in shows, each has their own role in society, even if it's fictional.

Can you imagine yourself in the crazy environment of this office? What would you behave? What would you do in those situations?

According to the poll, Jim is the most relatable character of them all. He often assesses the situations the way the audience would. Be we cannot be all such pranksters as Jim, right? We would "play" another role in the mockumentary.

Take this Office quiz to learn your inner character from The Office. Do you have an inkling of who you are? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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