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The ultimate anime quiz

Being stuck at home on quarantine gives you plenty of free time! And can be a better pastime than watching all those anime titles you've been eyeing for a long time? Finally, you have some time to catch up with the ongoing series and watch some new ones as well. And you can test your knowledge in our fun�anime quizzes! Let's enjoy the positive side of the lockdown to cheer up.�

This quiz will test your knowledge of a variety of anime titles, the classics and newer releases alike. We have gathered some of the best anime series of all time that any weeb is sure to know. And if you have not seen some of them, you know the perfect way to catch up - watch these cool suggestions.�

We excluded the titles released in 2020. However, there are many great series scheduled for this year. After you get the final results of our trivia (and we are sure they'll be great!), we recommend you watching some of the new releases!�

Here are the best anime titles of 2020 for your next watch.�

Japan Sinks: 2020

There was no doubt in what title should be the first on the list. Are there still people who haven't heard about this anime? The title was released back on July 9. Since then, it has gained massive popularity! It'll surely be included in our next anime quiz.�

This is an adaptation of the disaster novel by Sakyo Komatsu. It shows a group of survivalists forced to stay together to survive in its apocalyptic world. The series is the epitome of 2020 in the anime world.�

Great Pretender

For those who would like to escape the horrors of reality and fictional disasters, we suggest Great Pretender. We are sure you will enjoy a story of a con artist learning the tricks of the trade. The anime series comes with a great art design, a jazzy atmosphere, and cunning gentlemen. What else do we need truly?�


We are enjoying the variety of 2020 anime styles and themes! Dorohedoro features a fantasy sci-fi metropolis filled with violence, leather-clad creatures, and black humor! If you are ready for anthropomorphic hybrids, a fair share of blood, and dark themes, Dorohedoro is available on Netflix. Just like the other titles!�

Keep Your Hands off Eizouken!

Let's add a bit of lightness and love to our list! If you are searching for something easygoing and optimistic, Keep Your Hands off Eizouken! is the perfect series for you. This anime shows us a school club of anime enthusiasts trying to create their own anime! Isn't it exciting? Here, you'll enjoy light humor, adolescent ambitiousness, and simply good comedy to elevate your mood.�

The returning anime of the year: Attack on Titan�

The new series is always great to watch and absorb new anime trivia, but we cannot disregard the year's biggest new season. The fans have been waiting for a new Attack on Titan season for more than a year. And now, we are promised the series' FINAL season for this December. Those who've read the manga, know that it brings it all: shock, drama, epic fights, and even more surprises!�

While waiting for the release, we offer you to take a look at this Attack on Titan quiz.�


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