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Black Panther is a popular Marvel universe superhero. Despite the late introduction of this character to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he's been a part of many superhero teams in the comics. You can find him fighting for the good cause alongside Avengers, Fantastic Four, Ultimates, New Avengers, etc. Black Panther has also made numerous appearances on TV before joining the AAA titles. This Black Panther quiz will test your knowledge on the MCU appearances of this character and some comics facts.

One of the significant differences in the hero name "Black Panther" lies in the fact that it's not an alias as many other heroes use. A Black Panther is a title passed to all the kings of Wakanda, a fictional nation in Africa. The Black Panther that we meet is T'Challa, the future king and protector of the secluded country that knows the secrets of vibranium.

T'Challa has a strong moral compass and strives to protect his nation foremost. But that means letting the rest of the world suffer without the help that Wakanda can offer with its technologies. The Black Panther movie is more than a simple action that shows bad guys versus good guys. It goes deeper. It dwells on the inner struggle that T'Challa goes through when deciding the fate of Wakanda and, consequently, the whole world. Is the seclusion of your people worth the suffering of others? Or is it time to open the borders and help others? We guess you already know the answer if you've watched the movie.

The Significance of Black Panther

People have been speaking about the Iron Man and Captain America for years due to the popularity the MCU created around them. The fans have always loved their comics adventures as well. But Black Panther deserves the attention of the whole world. His creation was probably the most significant change in the "superhero world."

Black Panther became the first superhero of African descent in the mainstream comic. At the time, Stan Lee wanted to bring more African and African-American heroes to his comics. Black Panther became the ultimate solution alongside several non-super characters.

The Black Panther comics movie, released in 2018, became a defining moment for the MCU and African-American narratives that proved to be a huge success commercially, critically, and culturally.

Chadwick Boseman, the best Black Panther the screen has seen, portrayed the character in the MCU. His first appearance in the movies has captured many fans' attention and brought the general anticipation of the stand-alone feature. His talent and the authentic portrayal of Black Panther won the actor an NAACP Image Award and a Screen Actors Guild Award.

Black Panther was an inspiration for many. And this portrayal will stay in our hearts forever.

We dedicate this quiz to the talented actor who's managed to capture fans' love worldwide.

The Ultimate Black Panther Quiz Questions

black panther comics quiz In which MCU movie do we first meet T'Challa?
  • Black Panther

  • Captain America: Civil War

  • Avengers: Age of Ultron

  • Avengers: Infinity War

black panther quiz What's the name of T'Challa's mother?
  • Jabari

  • Nakia

  • Shuri

  • Ramonda

black panther What was the original concept name for Black Panther?
  • Midnight Leopard

  • Black Caracal

  • Coal Tiger

  • Onyx Cheetah 

black panther test What terrorist mastermind killed king T'Chaka?
  • Helmut Zemo

  • Ultron

  • Viper

  • Mitchell Carson

marvel black panther What alias did T'Challa use while studying in the U.S.? (Earth-616)
  • Travis Dallas

  • Roger Moore

  • Luke Charles

  • Sam Jackson

black panther movie quiz Which of these famous Marvel heroes was T'Challa's wife?
  • Invisible Woman

  • Storm

  • Black Widow

  • Captain Marvel

wakanda quiz Where was the first confrontation between the Black Panther and the Winter Soldier?
  • Brussels

  • Budapest

  • Belgrade

  • Bucharest 

wakanda test True or false: Okoye is T'Challa's devoted friend, the General of the War Dogs.
  • true

  • false

marvel trivia quiz Why was Erik Killmonger allowed to challenge T'Challa for the throne?
  • he was the lost heir of the Border Tribe 

  • he was his cousin 

  • he brought justice to Wakanda by bringing Klaue

wakanda quiz Which of the following is not a tribe in Wakanda?
  • the River Tribe

  • the Border Tribe

  • the Mining Tribe

  • the Moon Tribe

wakanda black panther Name the leader of the Jabari tribe who challenged T'Challa for the throne.
  • M’Baku

  • N’Jobu

  • Bashenga

  • Zuri

black panther quiz Finish the phrase: "It's hard for a good man to be ..."
  • strong

  • king

  • respected

  • brave

wakanda quiz As a costume update after becoming a king, T'Challa chose the one with a silver or gold necklace?
  • silver

  • gold

black panther wakanda What's the name of the Palace of the Golden Tribe.
  • the Citadel

  • the Tower

  • Mo Yan

  • Domdaniel

black panther actor True or false: Black Panther was the first black superhero in mainstream comics.
  • true

  • false

black panther comics In what year the Black Panther character first appeared in comics?
  • 1946

  • 1966

  • 1968

  • 1972

marvel quiz Was T'Challa "wiped out" during the first snap?
  • yes

  • no

black panther trivia quiz In the final battle against Thanos, who did Black panther pass the gauntlet to?
  • Iron Man

  • Shuri

  • Spider-Man

  • Bruce Banner

wakanda trivia quiz What is not the power of a heart-shaped herb of Wakanda?
  • it gives heightened physical abilities 

  • can transform you into a panther

  • grants a pathway to the Ancestral Plane

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