The Ultimate Disney Quiz. From Mickey Mouse to Frozen 2

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Walt Disney Studios have given us numerous adventure stories about love, friendship, and courage. Such relatable movies and short features have given the studio the love of the whole world. Children and adults alike watch Disney movies in all countries of the world. There’s hardly a person who lives in the modern environment and doesn’t know who Mickey Mouse is. This is the universal symbol of the studio responsible for the fun childhood of many.

This Disney movie quiz will show just how much you enjoy these titles. It covers almost a century of hard work and constant creativity. It has it all – from the first silent movie featuring our favorite mouse to the recent live-action movies. If you are a true fan, you’ll know the smallest details of most movies and the studio’s work. If not, you’ll learn many interesting facts about the characters and the history of Disney. 

As for the latter, it’s started back at the beginning of the 20th century with the art classes of one famous Walt Disney. In the 1920s, he’s founded Disney Brothers Studio with Roy Disney. And this is the start of all the works we get to enjoy now. Mickey Mouse, whose initial name was Mortimer actually (oh shock!), was the first creation of the studio. 

The Era of Animated Movies

With the development of technologies, Mickey movies were also progressing and soon became colored and voiced. The first positive feedback for the features like Pinocchio, Fantasia, and Snow White and Seven Dwarfs ensured the future of animated movies. Walt Disney is the reason why we have all these Disney character quizzes, cute merchandise, and simply amazing movies today. 

A Disney film is a wholesome experience for everybody. It may be a fun story for kids, but it is more. The “immortality” of Disney movies lies in their deeper meanings. As adults, when we return to the favorite Disney pictures of our childhood, we find something deeper in those stories. There’s always a moral that we’ve overlooked before but learned it subconsciously. The later movies prove the significance of Disney for adults by adding a few jokes and puns that only adults would understand. The studio knows the love adults share for it with kids and cater to the older audiences as well.

There are numerous little details that prove the highest quality of Disney movies and everything created by its acquired studios like Pixar. Yet, none of them is as important as the love we have in our hearts for these animated movies. 

All in all, it was a hard road of ups and downs, but the universal love we have for Disney movies proves that all the hardships are worth it. We hope that this Disney trivia quiz will bring back the fond memories of your childhood. refresh your memory on the notable Disney moments and take a closer look at the movies you thought you knew to the dot. Besides, how well do you know the production trivia? We’ll find out soon!

The Ultimate Disney Quiz. From Mickey Mouse to Frozen 2 Questions

quiz on disney In the movie, Mulan makes 3 good friends in the training camp. What are their names?
  • Chien-Po, Yao, Ling

  • Fa, Mei, Ti

  • Mei, Ling, Ping

  • Ping, Yao, Po

trivia disney quiz What is Belle's favorite story? (in the live-action movie)
  • Romeo and Juliet

  • Sleeping Beauty

  • A Knight in Shining Armour

  • Hamlet

trivia about disney When was the first Mickey Mouse short film was released?
  • January, 1929

  • June, 1931

  • November, 1928

  • October, 1926

disney questions trivia What were the first words of Mickey Mouse?
  • Meeska, Mooska!

  • Help!

  • Be careful!

  • Hot dogs!

quiz on disney What does Snow White find in the cooking pot when she arrives to the dwarfs’ cottage?
  • a rabbit

  • a shoe

  • dust

  • mining tools

quiz disney movies What is the name of Maleficent’s raven servant in the live-action movie?
  • Diablo

  • Diavolo

  • Diaval

  • Vidal

quizzes disney What was the last animated film Walt Disney produced?
  • Robin Hood

  • The Jungle Book

  • The Sword in the Stone

  • The Shaggy Dog

What is the first “Walt Disney Classics” film to appear on VHS? What is the first “Walt Disney Classics” film to appear on VHS?
  • Robin Hood

  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

  • Aladdin

  • The Little Mermaid

disney movie trivia game Which of these iconic Disney character can be seen under the sea in The Little Mermaid?
  • Mickey

  • Grumpy

  • Maleficent

quiz on disney What Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale is in the base of the movie Frozen?
  • Snow Queen

  • Snow Heart

  • Cold Kingdom

  • Powers of the Winter

disney quizly Disney has created the best-selling home video of all times. What is its name?
  • The Lion King

  • The Little Mermaid

  • Frozen

  • Aladdin

quiz disney movies Who gathers the pearls for Cinderella’s ball outfit in the namesake movie?
  • Gus Gus and Jaq

  • Jaq and Lucifer

  • Gus Gus and Bruno

  • Mary and Pom Pom

disney trivia game questions What is the most famous Goofy exclamation?
  • eek!

  • shoo!

  • gawrsh!

  • uh-oh!

disney trivia game questions From what story did Eugene Fitzherbert got the idea for his alias?
  • The Tales of Flynnigan Rider. A swashbuckling rogue known for his charm and quick-wit.

  • The Adventure of Flynnigan Rider. The Arcane Trickster of great power

  • Flynnigan Rider Against the World. Fighting crime and mean-spirited creatures of unseen lands

  • Amazing Journeys of Flynnigan Rider. A charming pirate who knows no fear

quiz about disney What is the first wish Aladdin makes?
  • to get out of the cave

  • to become a prince

  • for Jasmine to fall in love with him

  • to free Genie

quizzes disney movies What iconic celebration is depicted in the final scenes of The Princess and the Frog?
  • Mardi Gras parade

  • Thanksgiving parade

  • Easter Eve

  • Torello carnival

disney quiz 20 questions What is the first Disney feature film to feature no humans?
  • Bambi

  • Robin Hood

  • Dumbo

  • Fantasia

trivia questions about disney True or false: There are over a dozen of Disney films that are not musicals.
  • true

  • false

quiz about disney True or false: The Lion King had no actual lion roars recorded for the characters.
  • true

  • false

disney trivia games True or false: Pocahontas in the only Disney princess to have a tattoo
  • true

  • false

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