The Ultimate Lord of the Rings Quiz

Lord of the Rings Quiz


The Lord of the Rings is an epic adventure that brings you to the realm of fantasy and great kings. Are you ready to embark on this Middle-Earth quiz to relieve the most notable events of the journey? For we sure are ready to test your knowledge on this captivating universe!

But before we begin the quiz, we’d like to know whether you are a book reader or a movie fan? While both are welcome to join our quiz, movie watchers will be tested greatly! Don’t worry, book readers, we’ve prepared a few tricky questions for you as well! This way, you’ll get the perfect chance to show your deep knowledge of the universe at its best!

We Love tLotR

Why have we prepared the Lord of the Rings quiz at all? Why do we love this fandom?

There’s no doubt that the fandom is big and full of devoted fans! People are simply fascinated by the universe Tolkien has created. We love its adventures and lore equally. Starting from the youngest age, we’ve felt for the brave heroes of the stories. At first, we read The Hobbit adventures. Later, we watched the Lord of the ring movie trilogy that is considered a classic by now. It is usually shortly followed by the books that reveal even more missed events of the cinema.

As the utmost sign of respect and love, we read all the accompanying tales, primarily Silmarillion, to dig deeper into the lore of the world.
Though the movies that are great and truly deserve all the Oscars, they are only the tip of the iceberg. But what a fancy tip that is. They show people exactly the right things. And what do we need as an audience? Interesting characters, daring tales, a fantastic world, and beautiful views. And we got all that in the works of Peter Jackson.

However, the bigger reason lies in the original creation of J.R.R. Tolkien. The scale of this fictional world is unmatched. We hardly have any other such elaborated fictional world that can surpass our own annals.

The meticulously created world has its own creational mythos, powerful entities, the lore of the “Earth” development, species, races, and their cultures written down. The complete works of the author, including the records published post-mortem, cover the span of thousands of years. The writer has created multiple language systems, the complete lore of the world that surpasses many Earth religious beliefs in detail, and the history of the whole planet.

Show Your Knowledge

In this Middle-Earth quiz, you’ll face the challenge of the events taken upon the Fellowship of Rings and ring bearers. We’d like to cover more ground in the upcoming quizzes if you’d like to continue your journey to the beginning of the Ages. Would you like to see Valar and Maiar in their full glory? How about the ultimate fight between them and Morgoth? This villain is far greater than Sauron. In fact, he is merely the loyal servant of the former.

Would you like a more in-depth quiz following the lore of Tolkien’s world?

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