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By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 5 months ago
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Undertale is a role-playing video game that has won the affection of many gamers. As you enter the Underground, you meet a huge variety of exciting characters that you can't help but fall in love with. And even though they are monsters, their charm leaves no one unaffected.

Undertale has been around for six years now. At that time, it remained popular still. The fandom is full and active - you can find numerous artworks, fanfics, memes, and so on. That is why leaving this fandom neglected would be a crime. So, we've decided to devote a quiz or two to Undertale as well.

What Will This Undertale Quiz Be About?

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For the first test, I've decided to stick to the standard format - trivia. We all love a challenging piece of trivia about our favorite fandoms. Personally, I can spend hours just switching between different trivia tests on my favorite TV shows, movies, books, games, and so on.

This Undertale test will follow the typical trivia rules - 1 question, four answers, only one of them is correct. That's what we are all used to, right?

However, in the future, I'd like to create another, more complex quiz. For now, I have two suggestions. And I'd like for the audience to choose the form of the next Undertale character quiz.

The first option is what kind of ending you would get in Undertale. There are three endings in the game itself. I know that many people don't go for a second or third playthrough to get other endings. But you'll be able to get your ending based on your choices in the quiz. Plus, you can redo the test in minutes to see what the other endings are like.

The second option is even more exciting, I guess. Who of the monsters are you? I know that there is a cute little monster inside all of us. That is why I believe most people would like to find out what kind they are from Undertale.

Which of the two do you like more? Please, leave your thoughts in the comments section or in our social media pages.

Interesting Undertale Facts

undertale quiz
Here are a few interesting facts about Undertale you might have missed:

Bikini Ending

If only Toby Fox had a bit more time, he would definitely finish his plan for a bikini ending. This would be one additional ending - the result of a quick walkthrough. If you were fast enough, you would see the Annoying Dog in a bikini at the end! Doesn't it sound superb?
Unfortunately, there wasn't enough time for that and we were left with no bikini scene.

Suicide Ending

This is not the game-ending, but a character ending instead. One of the most significant moments in the whole game is killing Toriel. Many of us like this monster and wish to avoid it. The rumor says that, initially, the devs planned to create a way in making Toriel kill herself. The suicide route was never implemented, probably for being too dark for the game.

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