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Vampire Diaries is a famous supernatural romance TV show that has followed the popularity of Twilight. As the vampires and everything supernatural became mainstream, this show has taken the role of the primary supernatural medium for teens. This series became an instant hit by upping the game from cheesy and cringy vampires to more cruel and sadistic ones. And this Vampire Diaries quiz will make the dream of any girl come true - you can finally learn who'd be your boyfriend if only you lived in Mystic Falls.

Now, L.J.Smith's world is full of dangers lurking at every corner, especially in one small town in Virginia. We all had the pleasure of learning about new species, new heroes, and powerful villains. All of them come with an exciting backstory and their own agendas. This way of portrayal made us fall in love with the characters who seemed unredeemable at the beginning. And now, they are considered among the hottest and most desirable boyfriends on TV.

Where it all started

The Vampire Diaries series premiered in 2009. However, the show's source material was actually a book released almost 20 years before that. L.J.Smith created a story about Stefan and Elena back in 1991. The original trilogy was published at that time. Afterward, the author took a prolonged hiatus from the series and continued the work in 2009 at the time of adaptation.

The general outline of the story follows books loosely. However, when taking an in-depth look at the events, many of them differ. It starts with the main cast of characters, not to mention their appearance. Bonnie has a different surname and a completely different personality, Caroline becomes a werewolf, Meredith is in the main cast, and Elena has a sister instead of a brother. At least, we are thankful for the sweet Jeremy in the show.

The series premiere was the most successful in the network's history. Moreover, until Arrow, it was the most-watched show on the network. Over the years, the show has won many awards and gathered a plethora of Vampire Diaries quizzes.

What's the secret?

At the time of high competition on the vampire-based field, this TV show has gained the title of the beloved fan's choice. What is the secret of the show? Why was it so popular at that time and is still raging with its spin-offs?

We strongly believe that our beloved Vampire Diaries boyfriends are "to blame." After all, the targeted demographics and girls in their teens and tweens. So, what couple is more alluring than a charismatic and hit male cast? Add interesting storylines, mythical creatures, and the thrill of danger to the mix, and you get the perfect concoction to excite a girl.

Over the years, we've seen many a hot man enter the Vampire Diaries storyline. Each one is better than the other. The fans had a wide array of characters to drool over.

Now, we know you are waiting to find out your perfect Vampire Diaries man. But do you already know your preferences? Or are you open to all options?

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Who Is Your Perfect Vampire Diaries Boyfriend? Questions

vampire diaries quiz Would you like to date a vampire?
  • yes

  • no

vampire diaries boyfriend quiz To which accent are you more attracted: British or American?
  • British

  • American

vampire diaries quiz What type of guys do you like?
  • cold and reserved

  • hot-headed and passionate

vampire diaries boyfriend quiz Choose a song
  • Jace Everett - Bad Things

  • My Chemical Romance - Vampires Will Never Hurt You

  • Buffy theme song

  • Evanescence - My Immortal

  • Chris Isaak - Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing

vampire diaries boyfriend quiz How fast would you say "I love you" to your bf?
  • asap, it's love from the first sight

  • when I feel comfortable with him

  • actions say more than words

vampire diaries boyfriend quiz What role would be the most attractive to you?
  • a king

  • an eminence grise

  • an executioner

  • an assassin

  • a noble lord

  • a knight

vampire diaries men Who of these Vampire Diaries girls would you rather be?
  • Elena

  • Caroline

  • Bonnie

vampire diaries men What is your pet peeve in guys?
  • lying

  • narcissism

  • insecurity

  • harshness

  • impatience

  • pessimism

vampire diaries boyfriend quiz What will the first kiss be like?
  • tender and soft

  • hesitant and nervous

  • harsh and passionate

  • steady and sweet

vampire diaries sexy Tell us how you'll meet.
  • we would bump on the street and he'll catch me from falling

  • we'll meet in a bar, he'll offer me a drink

  • he'll be the new one at school

  • he'll threaten me and/or my friends

  • our friends will introduce us

vampire diaries men What relationship type would you prefer?
  • shared around forgiveness

  • based on an adventure

  • built around intimacy

  • based on shared vulnerability

  • built around security

vampire diaries men The most attractive physical feature of a man is...
  • muscles

  • smile

  • eyes

  • height

  • impeccable style

vampire diaries men The most attractive personality trait of a man is...
  • confidence

  • intelligence

  • kindness

  • sense of humor

  • being a gentlemen

  • passion

vampire diaries boyfriend Your perfect movie for the first date?
  • Ghost

  • Eyes Wide Shut

  • Shakespeare in Love  

  • Underworld

  • Fifty Shades of Grey

  • Edward Scissorhands

  • The Perfect Date

vampire diaries boyfriend Which of these iconic pairs would describe you the best?
  • Ross and Rachel (Friends)

  • Rose and Jack (Titanic)

  • Vivian and Edward (Pretty Woman)

  • Beauty and the Beast

  • Scarlett and Rhett (Gone With the Wind)

  • Allie and Noah (The Notebook)

  • Lara Jean and Peter (To All the Boys I've Loved Before)

vampire diaries boyfriend Would you like to have a "fairytale love" or a realistic one?
  • fairy tale

  • realistic

magic school quiz Choose a Harry Potter part
  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

  • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

vampire diaries quiz Choose your favorite game for a fun evening with friends.
  • spin the bottle

  • uno

  • mafia

  • truth or dare

  • twister

  • charades

vampire diaries boyfriend What can you forgive your s/o for?
  • a lie

  • cheating

  • murder

vampire diaries boyfriend What rom-com describes your couple the best?
  • This Means War

  • Enchanted

  • Friends with Benefits

  • 10 Things I Hate About You

  • My Super Ex-Girlfriend

vampire diaries boyfriend What would your first date be like?
  • a movie night

  • a dinner in a restaurant and a romantic walk afterwards

  • a picnic on a green meadow

  • a day in an amusement park

  • a fun evening in a bar drinking

vampire diaries boyfriend What hobby would you rather your bf have?
  • writing in a diary

  • cars and motorcycles

  • drawing

  • reading

  • sports

vampire diaries boyfriend How much crazy can you tolerate?
  • no crazy for me

  • just a bit

  • moderate amount

  • I'm pretty tough, can deal with lots

vampire diaries boyfriend What present would you like the most for your first anniversary?
  • jewelry

  • a painting of you together

  • flowers

  • a romantic book

  • a trip

vampire diaries boyfriend Every Vampire Diaries guy has his own style. What do you like more?
  • leather jackets, black jeans and shirts

  • dark grey closes, a leather jacket occasionally

  • stylish shirts, denim jackets

  • dark pants, dark long-sleeve polo shirts, top buttons open

  • hoodies, plaid shirts, cotton jackets

  • a stylish suit, always impeccable

vampire diaries boyfriend Do you agree: "You wanna be bad, be bad with purpose. Otherwise you are not worth forgiving."
  • yes

  • no

vampire diaries boyfriend What's your usual type of guys?
  • mysterious and broody

  • jocks

  • kind and funny cinnabons

  • mr. taken

  • cool nerds

  • a gentleman

vampire diaries boyfriend What's he occupied with during the days?
  • he studies

  • he has a normal job

  • drinking in a bar

  • enjoying peaceful time and hobbies

  • pondering on a masterplan to rule the world

vampire diaries quiz Which of these fictional characters are you most attracted to?
  • Van Helsing

  • Dracula

  • Angel (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

  • Louis de Pointe du Lac (Interview with the Vampire)

vampire diaries boyfriend Knowing its Vampire Diarie and murder there is kinda norm, how many beings do think your bf has killed during the previous week?
  • not this week

  • 1-2

  • up to 5

  • up to 10

  • from 5 to infinity

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