What celebrity do i look like?

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What celebrity do I look like? Everyone has asked this question at some point. It's perfectly normal to compare yourself to others, appearance and behavior likewise. A healthy dose of curiosity can make our lives exciting and bring something unexpecting!

When it comes to celebrities, people often forget that they are just people like we all are and make them the ultimate role models. Thus, it's clear why we all would like to look like someone successful and famous. Some of us require assurance that we are just as fantastic; others simply wonder for fun. And what is your reason for asking this question?

Anyway, we've prepared this What Do I Look Like quiz to give you a pick at the celebs you may resemble. We focus not only on the basic appearance features but also on some behavior details. A person is judged by how they present themselves and the various just as much as by their appearance.

Why Do We Want to Look Like Celebrities?

The simple answer to that question is because we idolize them. Who wouldn't want to look like their idol? Some people might not, but the majority would agree to such a chance. The real question we should be asking is why do celebrities fascinate us so much? Even to the extent that some people decide to change their appearance to look exactly like them!

Humans find it easy to fixate on famous people from their favorite childhood actors to modern Instagram celebrities. Even those who do not follow celeb news, gossip, and lives, in general, can name at least one famous person that fascinates them. And that is natural for us!

The scientific view on the issue says that people have always been and will be social creatures. Thus, it's natural for us to pay more attention to those at the top of our environment. The widespread use of media and technologies has only increased the tendencies already inherent to us. Nowadays, you can google "Which celebrity do I look like" and get various answers. If it's so easy, it's a temptation for everybody.

Besides, modern society often perceives celebrities as a kind of drug. They are everywhere and are easy to follow. We track their lives as a high-class spy! We know everything they do, like, dream of, and fear. By diving too deep into their lives, people are bound to start comparing!

She looks pretty; how pretty am I compared to her? He has a lovely beach house; when will I be able to afford something similar? He has a nose just like mine; can I be just as successful with this nose?

While these questions seem rather superficial, it's still interesting to compare! So, let's have fun for a while before returning to our work/school/and chores!

Now, it's time to learn who you look like!

What celebrity do i look like? Questions

what celebrity do i look like quiz What is your favorite Zodiac sign?
  • Libra, Leo, Scorpio 

  • Cancer, Aries, Pisces

  • Sagittarius, Gemini, Capricorn

  • Taurus, Virgo, Aquarius

what celebrity do i look like quiz Among the following talents, what are you the best at?
  • acting 

  • singing

  • drawing

  • sports

  • I take the perfect selfies!

which celebrity do i look like How often do you change hairstyles?
  • regularly! at least every other month 

  • once a year maybe 

  • I stick to one style

which celebrity do i look like If you could instantly change something in your appearance, what would you choose?
  • my body shape

  • get fuller lips

  • get better hair

  • solve my skin problems

  • loose weight 

  • nothing

celebrity test If you had to play in a movie, what genre would you choose?
  • comedy

  • action

  • "rise to the fame"

  • horror

  • sport

  • documentary

  • love drama

which celebrity do i look like What is your height?
  • around 6' 2"

  • around 5' 3"

  • around 5' 10"

  • around 6' 4"

  • around 5' 7"

which celebrity do i look like quiz What is your hair color?
  • blonde

  •  brown 

  • auburn

  • black

  • what hair? I'm bold already!

celebrity quiz Are you more Sherlock Holmes or Doctor Watson?
  • Sherlock

  • Watson

which celebrity do i look like quiz What is your eye color?
  • grey

  • green

  • hazel

  • brown

  • blue

which celebrity do i look like quiz Describe your style
  • classic 

  • casual 

  • glam

  • romantic

which celebrity do i look like quiz What's your kind of humor?
  • sarcastic 

  • self-deprecating

  • wit-worldplay

  • dark

which celebrity do i look like quiz Are you a shy person?
  • yes

  • no

which celebrity do i look like quiz How often do you exercise?
  • almost every day

  • 3-4 times a week

  • I execise from time to time; not regularly

celebrity test Are you decent in sports?
  • I'm great!

  • yes, in some

  • no

what famous person do i look like Are you an introvert or extrovert?
  • introvert

  • extrovert

celebrity test Are you a leader or a follower?
  • leader

  • follower

which actor do i look like Are you an only child in the family?
  • yes

  • no

celebrity quiz Imagine you are offered $10,000 to eat only junk food for a month would you do it?
  • yes

  • no

which actor do i look like Would you prefer your first child to be a girl or a boy?
  • boy

  • girl

  • I don't want to have children yet

which actor do i look like If you had a million, what would you buy the first?
  • a house

  • a car

  • an island!

  • lots of outfits!

which actor do i look like What do you think is your best facial feature?
  • eyes

  • smile 

  • perfect hairstyle

which actor do i look like What are your school grades?
  • I was/am top of the class

  • acceptable 

  • grades are/were not the main focus for me

what celebrity do i look like quiz What subject are you most interested in?
  • English 

  • Math

  • Science 

  • Applied Arts

  • P.E.

  • Home Economics

celebrity quiz What would you rather do right now?
  • watch a reality show

  • listen to music

  • watch a movie

  • watch a sports channel

celebrity quiz Do you check Instagram every day?
  • yes

  • no

  • several times a day!

celebrity quiz Do you have long hair?
  • yes

  • no, it's shoulder-length

  • no, it's short

  • I like being bold!

what celebrity do i look like quiz No that it matters, but what's your gender?
  • male

  • female

  • non-binary

what famous person do i look like Describe your relationships with parents
  • very close

  • distant 

  • compicated

which celebrity do i look like quiz Are you more curvy or lean?
  • curvy 

  • lean

what famous person do i look like Do you have an active lifestyle?
  • yes

  • no

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