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By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 4 months ago
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Choosing a place to live in can become an impossible task. Our world is full of amazing countries with their unique cultures and scenery. If you are looking for the perfect place on Earth for you, this Where Should I Live quiz will be of great help!

Unfortunately, we cannot choose our homeland. We are born where we are born. And if you would like to relocate, you have to choose a place better suitable for you and your lifestyle. If only immigration were as easy as traveling to another country. Alas, you need lots of documents for that.
Just for a minute, imagine that you could magically change your citizenship and live in some other country. What would you choose? Would you base your decision on the type of climate or the mentality of its people? There are lots of criteria that come into play. Different people value different things. What is most important to you?

This test inspired my imagination as well. Upon considering all the possible places to live on Earth, I've come up with my personal top of where should I live.


where in the world should i live quiz
Culture-wise, this is the perfect country for me. The only downside is the cold climate of the place. This would be a bit of a problem as I'm used to an occasional trip to the beach in summer. But if you agree to travel a bit farther for your tanning and swimming fun, this Scandinavian country has everything you need.

People there are friendly, life satisfaction in the country is high (7th in the world), and crime rates are low. A significant bonus is the nature of the country. From cold fjords, to blue lake waters, to the Northern Lights - everything there is perfect.


where should i live in the world quiz
Canada is vast and can be quite chilly, but everyone can find a place there. If you want a small cottage amidst nature, Canada has lots and lots of them. If you want to live in a modern metropolitan area, Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal welcome you!

And, as the stereotypes will tell you, Canadians are friendly people! You can truly make this place your home.


where should i live in the world quiz
If you are not afraid of creepy-crawlies, Australia can become the country of eternal vacation for you. Even on working days, you can relax amidst nature, somewhere on a warm beach. On weekends, you can travel the inner parts of the country to get in touch with the wilder parts of its nature.

Besides, you won't find a snake in your toilet every day! That's just a myth. Maybe, every other day though.

These are the top three countries that come to mind when thinking of a constant place to live in. Of course, a huge unexplored part of the world for me is Asia. Though, I'd like to travel there more; not as a place to live in.

Do you agree with my top picks for where to live? What other countries would you add to the list?

Where Should I Live? Your Perfect Country Questions

where should i live Which of these desserts do you prefer?
  • croissant

  • mochi

  • tiramisu

  • cheesecake

  • gingerbread cookies

  • sponge cake

where should i live What climate do you prefer?
  • year-round summer

  • warm summer and mild winter

  • hot summer and warm winter

  • snowy cold winter and cool summer

where should i live Choose an actress:
  • Nicole Kidman

  • Monica Bellucci

  • Zoe Saldana

  • Lucy Liu

  • Alicia Vikander

  • Eva Green

where should i live Choose an actor:
  • Will Smith

  • Chris Hemsworth

  • Jackie Chan

  • Mario Casas

  • Vincent Cassel

  • Skarsgård brothers

where should i live Which of this is more important for you?
  • love and family

  • career

  • money

  • unity with nature

  • esthetics

where should i live What is your favorite season?
  • I love them equally

  • winter

  • spring

  • summer

  • fall

where should i live If you could play any sport, which one would you choose?
  • tennis

  • cricket

  • swimming

  • football (soccer)

  • winter sports

  • American football

  • basketball

where should i live Where would you like to spend a vacation?
  • at the beach

  • in the mountains

  • strolling a European city

  • visiting spirital places

where should i live Do you feel comfortable when alone?
  • yes

  • no

where should i live What were you mostly doing during the lockdown?
  • self-improvement

  • cleaning

  • panicking

  • drinking

  • working from home

where in the world should i live quiz Tea or coffee?
  • tea

  • coffee

where in the world should i live quiz Are you pedantic?
  • no

  • somewhat

  • no

where in the world should i live quiz What language would you rather learn?
  • I'mm too lazy to learn something new

  • French

  • Italian

  • Russian

  • Japanese

  • something more exotic

where in the world should i live quiz Would you like to live in an apartment or a house?
  • apartment

  • house

where in the world should i live quiz What everyday pace of life would be the most suitable for you?
  • hectic is perfect

  • fast but with time to relax

  • well-balanced

  • slow and comfortable

where in the world should i live Are you "eco mindful"?
  • yes, and I prefer living in a country that supports me in it

  • somewhat; I'm starting to change some of my old ways

  • unfortunatelly, not really

where in the world should i live What alcohol do you prefer?
  • beer

  • wine

  • champagne

  • whiskey

  • sake/soju

  • cider

where in the world should i live Which of these drawbacks can you tolerate?
  • lots of insects and creepy-crowleys

  • lazy people around you

  • snobby people around you

  • high crime rates

  • chilly weather

  • workaholics around

where in the world should i live Would you be comfortable living in a country with high alcohol consumption levels?
  • sure

  • no

where in the world should i live Are you good at swimming?
  • perfect

  • I'm decent

  • not very good

where in the world should i live Are you a friendly person?
  • yes, very

  • only with close friends

  • not really

where in the world should i live Wherever you live, do you like to be in a close touch with nature?
  • yes, surrounded by nature!

  • relatively close by

  • no

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