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If you are not a muggle, you are most definitely a Harry Potter fan. Whether you've grown up with the books and movies, or is a newly introduced fan, the Golden Trio has you in tight grasps. Obviously, we all love the cute trio of troublemakers! However, we all have our favorite characters besides those three, right? Share your top characters in the comments below! 

Harry Potter Characters 

The Golden Trio 

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The Golden Trio in the wizarding world's Hogwarts is the beloved dynamic trio: 
Harry Potter, the Chosen One with a knack for trouble; 
Hermione Granger, the brilliant overachiever armed with intellect and magical prowess; 
Ron Weasley, the loyal goofball with a heart of gold. 
Together, they face magical mishaps, dark wizards, and the chaos of adolescence. From battling the Dark Lord to navigating the awkwardness of teenage romance, this trio exemplifies friendship, bravery, and a touch of mischief that makes the magical world come alive. They're not just friends; they're the magical dream team! 

The Weasley Family 

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The Weasley family, wizards extraordinaire, became the adopted family for Harry Potter. They are the riot of red hair and unparalleled warmth. Led by Arthur Weasley's fascination with Muggles and Molly Weasley's epic knitting skills, the family also includes seven red-haired trouble-makers. Fred and George, the mischievous twins, bring pranks to an art form, while Ron, the youngest boy, is Harry Potter's steadfast sidekick. The best girl Ginny rivals her brothers in mieschief! Percy may be a stuck-up beauracraut, but comes around in the finale as a devoted son. And though we barely see Charlie and Bill, they seem like the coolest wizards – dashing with a penchant for danger (one being a cruse-breaker, another – dragon-tamer). 
Overflowing with hand-me-downs, homemade sweaters, and cozy chaos, the Weasleys embrace each other and every magical creature in sight. In the wizarding world, they're not just a family; they're a ginger whirlwind of love and laughter. 

The Malfoy Family 

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They are the antagonistic family of the books. Representing royalty and pureblood pride, they epitome slyness and ambitions of true Slytherins. Lucius Malfoy, with his slicked-back hair and penchant for stylish walking sticks, epitomizes snobbish charm. Narcissa, the elegant matriarch, strikes a balance between ice and grace. Then there's Draco, the platinum blonde poster child for Slytherin ambition. With a manor that become true home for Darkness and a peevish disdain for those not of their ilk, the Malfoys add a touch of drama to Hogwarts and provide HQ for the Dark Lord himself. 
And though we glimpse the beginning notes of redemption for Narcissa and Draco at the end of the series, the imposing head of the family remains truly evil (and cowardly) till the end. 

Aside from the prominent families of the series, the author has created a plethora of memorable characters. Throughout the books, we fall in love with their courage, kindness, wisdom, humor, and heroic actions. 

Which Harry Potter Character Are You? Questions

harry potter character quiz How would you escape a horrible date?
  • I'd have a backup plan, like a friend calling me at a certain time to rescue me

  • I'll be direct and tell them it's not gonna work

  • I'll distract them and slip away or find a lame excuse to leave

  • I'll probably suffer till the natural end of the date

harry potter character quiz Choose a family to be born into
  • the Weasley family

  • the Malfoys

  • the Blacks

  • I'd rather choose a non-magic family

harry potter character quiz Who's scarier: Umbridge or Voldemort?
  • Umbridge

  • Voldemort

harry potter character quiz What's your Hogwarts House?
  • Gryffindor

  • Slytherin

  • Ravenclaw

  • Hufflepuff

harry potter character quiz And are you happy with it?
  • yes

  • no

harry potter character quiz Remember your school days... did you study for the exams?
  • I never studies before the day but did okay nevertheless

  • I wasn't studious and failed many exams

  • I took it seriously and was studying for several days before the day

  • I was an attentive student, so I just had to revise the night before

harry potter character quiz Bullying is
  • terrible, the worst

  • cannot be avoided in small things

  • a way to get power

  • it is what it is; I'm lucky to have avoided it

harry potter character quiz Just how clumsy are you?
  • very clumsy, the worst

  • just a bit, sometimes

  • it happens but I've learned to cover it masterfully

  • not that clumsy, no

harry potter character quiz If you were offered a job in a joke shop, would you take it?
  • yeah, that's my dream job!

  • why not; it'd be fun as a temporary job

  • only if it pays well and I have no other offers

  • nah, it's not a real job

harry potter character quiz Which of the cute pets of the series do you like more?
  • Hedwig

  • Crookshanks

  • Buckbeak

  • Norbert

harry potter character quiz What's your favourite movie?
  • Philosopher's Stone

  • Chamber of Secrets

  • Prisoner of Azkaban

  • Goblet of Fire

  • Order of the Phoenix

  • Half-Blood Prince

  • Deathly Hallows

harry potter character quiz What would be your boggart's shape?
  • some real-life person I'm afraid of

  • spiders

  • heights? it'll just drag me somewhere up high

  • if I'm in the Wizarding world, then a Dementor (otherwise a scary monster)

harry potter character quiz Would you take part in the Hogwarts battle?
  • yes, I'd probably be in the order

  • while not in the Order, I'd be there for the final takedown

  • not, I'm not going to my death

harry potter character quiz If you are given a choice to get any job in the Wizarding World, which one would you get?
  • a Hogwarts teacher

  • a healer

  • I'd like to work in the Ministry of Magic

  • open my own Potions shop

harry potter character quiz If you had to give up on your dreams to save a person, would you?
  • absolutely

  • depends on the person (only for someone I love)

  • no way

  • I'm not sure

harry potter character quiz Which items from Dumbledore's will would you rather get?
  • The Deluminator

  • The Tales of Beedle the Bard

  • The Golden Snitch

  • The Sword of Gryffindor

harry potter character quiz Would you rather be rich in a poor country or be poor in a rich country?
  • rich in a poor country

  • poor in a rich country

harry potter character quiz If you were given a bag of unique Bertie Bott's beans but all the flavours are bed, would you try one?
  • without doubt! can't miss this opportunity

  • oooh, I'd try several!

  • ew, why would I?

  • do I look stupid to you?

harry What seemingly mundane item would you bring from the Wizarding world to our world?
  • the moving pictures

  • Hermione's bottomless bag

  • flying brooms

  • Wizarding chess

  • the two-sided communication mirror

  • omnioculars

  • Harry's bank vault? (for my personal use)

harry potter character quiz Choose your Defence Against the Dark Arts professor for your first year at Hogwarts
  • Quirrell

  • Lockhart

  • Lupin

  • Snape

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