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By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 5 months ago
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Fat is an insult; obese is a medical term. And, considering we are here with your health in mind, I'd prefer the latter term though I understand that the fat quiz is more popular among the youth.
And this is where society has let us down. It has told us numerous times that fat equals ugly, and we believe it now. Even kids believe it because social media is everywhere.

Instead, it should've focused better on the issue of a healthy body rather than a slim body. In my mind, you should all strive to become the best versions of yourself. First and foremost, it concerns the inner world, but the physical aspect is also essential. Therefore, this motto includes being active, functional, and strong physically, plus nourishing your body properly.

So, I hope this quiz can help obese people recognize that it's time to change something in their lives. Either by your own willpower or with the help of doctors and close people.

I Am Fat, What to Do?

First, stop calling yourself fat. I know many of us to do that subconsciously because of those media stereotypes. Instead, call yourself "striving for the goals," "talented," "determined," etc. But never fat.
At the same time, if you want to change your body for a healthier version of it. It's completely fine to feel the need. We all would benefit from a strong body. So if you want to change, you can follow a few tips that will give you impressive results.
am i fat quiz

Reduce Processed and Junk Food

This tip applies to all people, not only to those trying to lose weight. Processed and junk food pollute our bodies. If eaten rarely and in moderation, I believe you can enjoy an addictive treat without much harm. However, we've started to rely on them too much and consume them every day.

Include Healthy Options

Instead, try to cook your meals on your own. It may be hard initially, but it'll get easier in time. Plus, you'll have a great time cooking! Add more vegetables, lentils, lean meats, proteins, healthy fats, fibers, etc. Reduce the number of carbs (but don't eliminate them) and sugars. Review Your

Build Better Relationship with Food

Sadly, many of us have an unhealthy relationship with food, and that can be expressed in many ways. Make sure you don't overeat to reduce your stress, depression, sadness, and so on. Make sure it fuels you, brings you joy, but doesn't make you dependent. Try enjoying your meals without distraction, and you'll see a huge difference.

Add Fitness

No matter what kind of sport you choose, it's always better than being a lazy couch potato. Start with something you actually like, even just as simple as walking. Later, you'll get to something harder and will enjoy it as well. Remember to give yourself plenty of rest as well.

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Good luck in your journey to the healthiest version of you.

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